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Avant Garde Artist Nobuyoshi Araki - Flowers and more

Updated on May 30, 2015


Nobuyoshi Araki is a 70-year-old artist and photographer. He is often just called Araki.

Araki is one of the most famous Japanese artists living today, and has produced several books featuring collections of his photographs and artwork. His work often includes the themes of life and death, along with things like love and passion. Some have called his work obscene.

Two of Araki's books featured his wife, Yoko Araki. One featured photographs taken during their honeymoon and was title Sentimental Journey. The other, title Winter Journey, featured photographs from the final days of her life. She passed away in 1990.

Araki has taken some photos with famous celebrities like Bjork and Lady Gaga, both of whom are known in their own rite for their eccentric styles. Araki's work has been featured all over the world including at the Tate Museum.

Polaroid Lizard
Polaroid Lizard
Red Flower
Red Flower


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