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Depression Cure. { Learn Crocheting.}

Updated on February 10, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

1 to 5 They are of Farook Thread Machinery Machines for Fancy Yarn Making.
1 to 5 They are of Farook Thread Machinery Machines for Fancy Yarn Making.

Who can Crochet can't say I have no time.

We have seen machines do embroidery at super speeds in another Hub.This Hub is just to show that people who say its boring are not those who have some knowledge of Yarns other than what they use for stitching their shirt buttons.

A knowledge of yarns and where you can buy them with trust that they are fast to color after wash and sun shine proof.These yarns which are trust worth for their quality are made by very few people and there are plenty of people who market these yarns as the machines are not as complicated as a Cotton Fly Frame you have seen.They need semi skilled men and can give quality yarns provided they buy the basic yarns that go in to making of these yarns and the machines are maintained well.

The Video shows most of what you should know and how to learn.

While buying these yarns make sure they are pure wool,acrylic and polyester as the dyeing of these yarns are done under standard machines and of course the dyers must use standard colors.

Start Learning.

Granny's Lessons.No.1.

Granny's Lesson No.2

Granny's Lesson No.3.

Granny's Lesson No.4.

Granny's Lesson No.5.

Granny's Lesson No.6.

Granny's Lesson No.7.

More of Granny the Crochet Geek.


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