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B and H Photo in NYC sucks!

Updated on January 26, 2014

B and H Photo Sucks

Wow where to begin.

I ordered a product from B and H online. Next day I get a notice that they can not process the order for some reason. So I get a voice mail message from some guy who speaks English about as well as my DOG! I can't understand a word he says and certainly can't understand the phone numbers.

Anyways they tell me that my name doesn't match my phone number. That's interesting. Seeing as I've been paying the bill for my phone for... lets just say a very very long time".

So I send them a message and tell them I got the phone call... couldn't understand the guy. And then I provided them with my address (Yes I actually purchased from them before - but never again).

All that might seem okay... it's not like I can't buy camera gear elsewhere. I actually usually purchase from a company in California whom I trust.

But here is the real kicker. They billed my credit card the second they got the number but never actually shipped anything. And here I am 10 days later and they are just now getting around to telling me that they are not going to ship the product and that they are going to refund my card.

That's mighty big of them.

Is every single Camera Store in New York populated with Douche Bags?

This is not the only NYC Camera Store I've had problems with. One company actually took the lens hood that is factory sealed and included with the lens I ordered and invoiced it separately for an additional charge!

For me ... no more NYC anything.

Now think about this for a moment. They had no problem billing my card (Before they even sent anything!!!), I had purchased from them before, but they can't even have the courtesy to have someone who actually speaks English contact me? And for a problem that must have been pretty important... you know maybe important enough to discuss before they locked up my credit card balance!

Douche Bags.


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  • ImChemist profile image

    ImChemist 6 years ago

    Nice hub , thanks