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B is for Boat, Banana Split and Bunny Crafts

Updated on November 30, 2011
Bunny, Banana, and Ice cream template free drawn.
Bunny, Banana, and Ice cream template free drawn. | Source
This is done by one of my friends kids.
This is done by one of my friends kids. | Source

B Crafts

So once again I had the honor of hanging out with some little friends. And it is absolutely amazing to see how they have grown. One of my friends has a baby boy who is a little over 14 months and he even loves to craft even though he has no idea what a B is. It just goes to show that all kids are listening even when their not.

I absolutely love watching the artwork come out and aside from when I have a specific purpose for what I am doing I let them just go at it. I have two thoughts about this and kids a) messes are fun and b) I'd rather them make the mess where I can control it rather than sneak off and make one that I have to clean up later. I have the template for the bunny and the banana split. The boat you are on your own unless you can not do a half circle and a huge triangle.

Craft 1: The BOAT

You need construction paper, big popsicle stick, glue, and paint.

In honor of the America's cup this craft is all about the sail, but really all my guys know is that boat begins with B. So what I did was cut a half circle and a triangle 8.5 for one leg and about 5 for the other. We glued the Popsicle stick to the back of the boat and to the back of the sail letting about 1.5 of the stick show in the middle and then I put out paint and let them paint.

Craft 2: Bunny

You will need construction paper, puff balls, glue, eyes, pipe cleaner and crayons.

With this craft I was really specific, but you don't have to be. I was working on colors. After I cut it out one glued on a purple tail and yellow ears and one glued on a blue tail and red ears. the ears took three puff balls for each ear and the tail took 12 in a circular design. Then I cut 3 pieces of pipe cleaner about 3/4 of an inch long for the whiskers. You can have them color them before or you can wait till the next day and let them color. I waited till the next time I saw them because I like to practice the B with them and reinforce it. Our white Bunny is the little mini red, white, and blue flag which is so cute and quite accidental. You can also do it in black or brown if you just want to do a quick craft.

Craft 3: Banana Split

You will need foam or construction paper, glue, glitter, and imagination.

This one took the longest. I cut out a shape of a banana in white paper and yellow foam. Then I cut out three different flavors of ice cream colored foam based on what the boys told me they wanted to eat . Then we glued the banana to the front. Then we took different glitters and confetti and glued them on to the tops of the ice cream to represent the different toppings that we put on it. After that I made a little heart out of red and a thin strip of brown attached to the red to make the cherry and we clued it to the top of the banana split.

Have fun crafting and I hope your kids enjoy it as much as my friends did.

Love ya babes.


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