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Updated on August 16, 2014

Believe it or not (seriously) very few businesses know people use their mobile phones as phones anymore!

It doesn’t take much to look around and watch people on their phones.
It doesn’t take much to look around and watch people on their phones.

Webmasters studies have shown that the absence of mobile friendly websites causes a poor web browsing experience in many mobile users; due to slow loading of items selected and low quality page navigation structure.

All traditional websites that you see today are created for laptops and computer users. As a result of these; there are a lot of working websites that are not adapted to the numerous numbers of mobile phones in the market today.

It is so surprising to discover that even very large organizations have websites that are not mobile friendly.

Today, it is obvious that individuals are using their handheld devices such as mobile phones to perform many tasks other than sending messages and making calls.

Nowadays, mobile phones are widely used to surf the web for entertainment purposes, work on a business or just read on various online information. Currently, more than one third of the world population use mobile phones to serve the web, hence a need to convert your site to a mobile website in order to capture these massive numbers of users.

Research has also shown that more than half of the searches that you and me do within the local contours are mostly carried out through mobile phones. So your business will lose heavily on local searches if it does not have a mobile friendly website.

Here a Video from a Google Executives

It is also important to note

...that mobile websites are search engine optimization (SEO) friendly than the regular ones.

In fact, Google; which is the biggest search engine in the world will display its first results on mobile optimized websites than the rest hence giving you a chance to out beat your competitors whose sites are not mobile phone friendly. Google's policy is Mobile First!

This is because, all mobile websites give you a very high speed and pleasurable browsing experience (see your site on

Other than enabling you access the internet easily from anywhere and at any time. Therefore, having a mobile website is a sure way of inviting millions of hand-held device users into your business.

Before I conclude...

Let me give you some real figures to ponder on.

The whole world has more than 6.7 billion people.

Out of this population, 5 billion are mobile users.

If this is not enough to make your site mobile, let me give you another astonishing fact;

an astounding 80% of these people access the internet via their mobile phones every day;totaling to approximately 4 billion users each day.

This statistics clearly shows that the mobile industry is quickly outrunning laptops and computers in web browsing hence requiring you to convert site to mobile friendly sites.

As much as it is of common knowledge that mobile industry is taking over the native PC industry, by not adapting to the situation by converting your computer friendly site to a mobile friendly website will worsen your situation.


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