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Ball Point Pen Drawing Technique

Updated on February 23, 2013
Ball point pen sketch by Matt Lesniewski.
Ball point pen sketch by Matt Lesniewski.

One of the fun things about drawing and sketching with ball point pens to me is using different techniques to achieve a certain look.

If you never worked with ball point pens you might want to think about giving them a try. You can get different results just by doodling in a sketch pad. It wouldn't take you long after working with pens to fill a good portion of a drawing pad.

The technique I used for the tree drawing above is what I call a "circle technique". Basically it is a seriers of overlapping circles in various sizes and shapes.

When using this pen technique I like to start with a light pencil sketch most of the time. When I mean light, I mean light. It doesn't have to be a well thought out detailed drawing just a loose interpretation of what you want to put on paper. You can see below this is a quick sketch I did using a lead pencil.

When using the "Circle Technique" I start by drawing light pen lines over the pencil sketch that will be overlapped with circles so everything is light when starting including the pen outline.

The amount of pressure you put on the pen is up to you when starting with the circles but still I would recommend very light circles and overlapping slowly until you get look you want in your drawing.

I placed a close up of the detail work in the last picture so you can see the overlapping I used in the drawing.

Close up look at the "Circle Technique" I used on the Tree sketch.
Close up look at the "Circle Technique" I used on the Tree sketch.


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