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Balloon Craft's

Updated on June 24, 2013

Balloon Wreath

Looking for some thing different to decorate with no worry's i have it a balloon wreath easy and looks great.This is easy to do and you can design it the way you want it.May be mixed colors or certain colors.

What you need is Balloons lots of balloons.If you want a certain colors dollar tree is really good for that they do bags of water balloons in one color. Walmart does mixed bags for around a dollar a bag.

Straw wreath with the plastic left on the wreath.You can get these from Micheal's or Jo anns down lode a coupon or the app on your phone and save 40% on the wreath BARGAIN!You will also need floral pins which you can find at Walmart.

Grab your wreath and pick a balloon lay the balloon on the wreath then in the middle of the balloon push a floral pin in and just keep repeating until it is full.You can mix the colors or you can do set colors create a pattern.Want to add a little some thing to change it up you could add ribbon or mesh to the wreath.When finished hang it on the door and enjoy.

Balloon Hairclip

You need a packet of small balloons or water balloons.

Metal hair clip which you can get in craft store.

Take your hair clip and remove the prong from the canter of the clip.Take four balloons of the pattern you want and layer them alternating direction and lay them on the clip.Take a 5th balloon and wrap it around the balloons and the clip at a slight angel and tie a knot and keep doing that until the clip is full.Replace the prong back on the clip and enjoy.

Balloon Flip Flops

Need a pair of flip flops

Water balloons (color's of choice)

First figure what kind of pattern you want to do you can do certain colors or mix of color.Take a balloon and double tie it to the strap of the flip flop starting from one side to the other.Turn the flip flop over and just make sure the under neath is smooth.

As you can see i used just two colors.
As you can see i used just two colors.

Balloon Bracelet

What you need:

Balloons (any color or size)

Cord Elastic



Pick the color pattern you want your bracelet and take the balloons and Cut the balloons into strips. Your might want to experiment to determine which length you like best. i settled on a length of about 2 inches.Take your elastic and measure around the wrist and add about 2-3 inches to give some wiggle room in the bracelet and to allow enough extra elastic to tie off when you are done. Cut the elastic.Tape on end of the elastic to the table and take the other end and thread your balloons Once there are a few balloon pieces on the elastic you will need to start pushing them down to make room for more balloon pieces. When you are happy with the amount of balloons tie a knot and trim the ends and pull one of the balloons over the knot.

Balloon Critters

Things you need:

Flour (any type)
Pipe cleaners, wool or string for hair.
Craft glue
Eye stickers,wobble eyes,buttons or a marker pen for the eyes


Start by filling your balloon with flour, use a chopstick or pen to help push the flour down the funnel.Once you have filled the balloon tie a knot in the top and use your finger to make an indentation for the mouth and nose. The more you fill it the harder it will be to squish your features into place. Finish off by adding the eyes and some hair to cover up the knot.


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    • The Unlearner profile image

      Jo 5 years ago from Isle of Wight UK

      Ah ha, so that is how you attach the balloons to the wreath. I like it.