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Basket Photos

Updated on November 22, 2011

Basket plays an important part in the lives of people around the world.. While certain cultures values basket as an important interior Decor, some pre-colonial African societies depended almost entirely on Baskets to carry and keep materials. Baskets were woven out of palm fronds and used to convey harvested farm produce and carry products to the market. It was so integral that it became an emblem of work for females and Children.

Baskets made from Palm trees is still important today in African societies. In Nigeria for example, Baskets and Brooms made from palm fronds are an integral part of childhood education where children are thought in Arts and Craft (commonly called handiwork) how to weave Baskets and make Brooms.

Baskets used in Food Processing Factories
Baskets used in Food Processing Factories | Source

Baskets used in Food processing plants are largely different from others. Industrial bread basket for instance, is unlike household bread baskets that are woven. They are simply Boxes with holes to allow for aeration and cooling of the food contents that are usually collected hot. This is most important in places such as Italy where most people prefer hard and strong bread to flexible soft form. Here, the basket could hasten the cooling process by allowing the free flow of air.

Stack of Storage Baskets packed to reduce space
Stack of Storage Baskets packed to reduce space | Source

The entire story of Baskets are arranged into different Images exemplified in beautiful Basket Photos and Pictures that can sometimes involve a delicate and attractive special baskets for carrying Babies or infant Animals.

White Large Storage Industrial Basket
White Large Storage Industrial Basket | Source
Vertical Row of six Box shaped Baskets
Vertical Row of six Box shaped Baskets | Source

Industrial Baskets are made with tensile strength and stability in mind. Most large food processing plants are fund of smooth painted floor because it allows for the ease of sliding the baskets from one end of the factory to another. Here, you see several baskets placed on top of the other to form a vertical row that can slide from one point of the factory to another. Then each basket of food is detached from the row with ease.

There also arise the issue of Sieves. They are more of a basket if holes in a container is the most important characteristic of Baskets. Household kitchen sieves can be used to explain the difference between sieves and baskets in that they are not a store for contents but temporary devices used to separate substances.

Amidst all the popular images of Baskets, we are bringing a unique collection of Basket pictures that are only visible when you pay a visit to a food processing plant.

A red Box of Bread Basket
A red Box of Bread Basket | Source
Box Baskets
Box Baskets | Source

The story of Baskets has become more of a hollow container so that even flexible materials such as a net can form what is referred to as Basket as in the case of the Basket net in Basket ball game. A look at the structure of soccer goal post would have initiate a question of whether it should be placed in the category of Baskets, except that it is not a container but a trap to stop soccer balls from moving beyond the soccer pitch area.


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