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How To Find a Piece of Genuine Beach Glass by Lake or by Sea

Updated on October 8, 2017

Finding Beach Glass or Sea Glass

Have you ever been lucky enough to find a piece of genuine beach glass or sea glass? Have you ever taken a piece of genuine beach glass and made it into a beach glass necklace? Walk along the shores of Lake Erie and you may find some shells but something even more alluring may sparkle through the sand. Gem-like colors may catch your eye and when you reach down to pick it up, it could be a scarce piece of beach glass shaped by the forces of nature and washed up by mother nature.

Each year beach glass and sea glass becomes harder and harder to find. Especially hard to find are the array of colors once used when making glass. Today's glass vessels are much more limited in their color palette. Lucky beach glass searchers may find some beautiful glass remnants once used by our ancestors. Among the hardest colors to find are red (considered to be the most rare and hardest to find), yellow, and royal blue. Colors more commonly found are green, brown and white(clear). Several other colors fall in the extremely rare categories to the common categories.

People use the collections of beach glass for several things. Some make exquisite jewelry such as beach glass necklaces, some study it's origin and try to date it, others enter their collections in exhibitions, and some just collect it, keep it, and enjoy the search. I've also seen small tile top tables, frames for pictures or mirrors, cards, vases and lamp posts made with pieces of beach glass. Whatever the reason happens to be that you look or find beach glass, the search always proves to be a very relaxing, peaceful journey along the waters edge. As the pieces become harder and harder to find, the search also becomes more and more exciting when you do actually find a great piece.

How To Make a Beach Glass Necklace

Do you want to know how to make a beach glass necklace? It's really not hard but you do need a few things before you start. You need some kind of chain. I like to use sterling silver but sometimes use silver plated chains too. If you want to drill the beach glass, you will need a dremel tool. If you want to wrap it you will need some silver wire.

I find a piece of beach glass that is very smooth and fairly small as I like smaller pieces. I take the dremel tool with a diamond tip drill bit. I get water to keep the beach glass wet and cool. I use air temperature water. I drill a small hole in top of glass. If you don't keep it cool with the water, the glass will break due to the heat of the drilling. This takes a little while depending on the thickness of the glass. I put a piece of wire threw the hole in the glass and attach it to the chain. You can be very creative or just have a very simple beach glass necklace. See pictures below of a few I have done.

Photos of sea glass

Photos of Beach glass
Photos of Beach glass

Photos of Beach Glass Necklace

Aqua Beach Glass Pendant Photo
Aqua Beach Glass Pendant Photo

Beach glass Origins

Beach glass originates from all different places.  Some is very old.  Sometimes they say the thicker it is the older it is.  The smoother it is, the older it is.  The colors and shapes are what tell a lot about it's origin too. 

Colors such as brown are most likely from beer bottles, soft green could be from coca cola bottles, dark, almost black glass could be from medicine bottles way back in the 1700's as manufacturers needed to protect medicines from sunlight.  Finding gray glass may indicate a site where old glass can be found.  Aqua may be from an old soda bottle, mineral water or fruit jar.  Cobalt blue, a highly desired color could have surfaced from an old milk of magnesia bottle, poison bottles or medicine bottle.  Cobalt blue could also be from Vick Vapor Rub containers or Bromo Seltzer. 

Drilling Sea Glass or Beach Glass

Genuine Beach Glass Necklaces

Lake Erie Beach Glass NEcklaces
Lake Erie Beach Glass NEcklaces


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    • profile image

      iron doors 6 years ago

      looks great,i should have a try.

    • Gypsy Willow profile image

      Gypsy Willow 7 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

      Hi Malonge I love to collect beach glass around Lake Tahoe. It is fascinating stuff. Thanks for a nice hub.

    • Treasured Pasts profile image

      Treasured Pasts 8 years ago from Commerce, Texas

      Picked up some good sea glass on the treasure coast of florida. Thanks for the hub.