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How to Make a Hugs and Kisses Beaded Ring

Updated on September 28, 2010

Easy and Beautiful Beaded Ring

The Hugs and Kisses beaded ring is an easy beaded ring to make, yet it looks fabulous. This is an excellent beaded ring to make, even if you have never tried making a beaded project before. All you need are a few beads, beading thread or fishing line, and a needle.

Beaded Ring Overview

This beaded ring is made with two sizes of beads and either wire or stringing material. The design works up more quickly and is more uniform if you use two needles (or wires), but it can be accomplished using single needle right angle weave, if desired. You can vary types and numbers of beads, colors, and embellishments to make many different-looking rings based on the same design.

Beaded Ring Materials

seed beads - I used size 11 seed beads

accent beads - I used 4-mm firepolish beads

beading thread or fishing line - I used PowerPro fishing line

1-2 needles - thin beading needles work best because they have a narrow eye

scissors or thread snips

Even an inexpensive ring can look classy, though you can dress this ring up using pearls or faceted gemstones to make something special.

Beaded Ring Step 1:

Cut about a half meter (1-1/2 feet) of stringing material or wire. It's more than you will need, but it's good to have extra length so you can keep a tight working tension. I recommend #8 or #10 PowerPro, since you can pass it through the ring a second time to reinforce it and because I have never had a ring break yet using it. Unless you are using wire, thread both ends of your needle (I used size 10's with the Power Pro). String an odd number of seed beads and let them fall to the center of the thread. I used 5 Matsunos or 7 Delicas. You can vary this number, but you want it to go at least halfway around your main beads, otherwise thread will show.

Beaded Ring Step 2:

Cross your needles or wire through a main bead (4-mm Czech in photo). Pull it tight, with your beads are in the middle of the string.

Beaded Ring Step 3:

String 3 seed beads onto each needle. Cross your needles through another small bead and pull the thread tight (total of 7, or whatever number you used in the first step, with half on each side plus a crossing bead).

Beaded Ring Step 4:

Are you starting to see a pattern here? Add three small beads to each side and cross through a large bead. Pull tight. You don't need to strong-arm it, especially if you are going to go through the design a second time, but you do want a nice tight weave.

Beaded Ring Step 5:

Add three small beads to each side and cross through an additional bead. Add three beads to each side and cross through a big bead. This motif with three larger beads covers the top of my finger, so I tend to start the band of the ring after this point. However, you can make only 1 motif or 5 motifs or do the ring in this design all the way around. Pick the design that suits your taste and comfort.

Beaded Ring Step 6:

There are many possibilities for making the band. I have shown a band where you add three small beads to each side, cross through 2 at once, add 3 each side, cross through 2, until you reach the desired length. You could have 3 each side, cross through 1 or 2 each side, cross through 1... whatever you like.

Beaded Ring Step 7:

When the ring is long enough (wrap it around your finger or a ring mandrel to check it), cross the last motif through the middle bead at the end of the ring (where you started!). Be sure to avoid twisting the design. Tie a knot or twist your wire and hide the ends.

I like to weave through the entire ring once more, tying knots every so often. If you weave through a second time, expect the finished ring to tighten/stiffen a bit. Going through the design a second time offers a great opportunity to embellish the design by adding extra beads, particularly over/under the 'crossing' beads. Reinforcing the weave isn't a big deal with smooth beads, but if you try this design with sharp-edge beads (e.g., Swarovski, bugles) you may appreciate the extra security. Clip the ends of the thread or wire and enjoy your new ring!

Make More Beaded RIngs

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Beautiful Beaded Rings: Over 30 Unique & Stylish Designs

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Beadwork Creates Beaded Rings

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More Glamorous Beaded Jewelry: Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, and Rings (Creative Home Arts Library)
More Glamorous Beaded Jewelry: Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, and Rings (Creative Home Arts Library)

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Glamorous Beaded Jewelry: Bracelets,  Necklaces, Earrings, and Rings
Glamorous Beaded Jewelry: Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, and Rings

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Video Making a Beaded Ring

If you enjoyed making the hugs and kisses beaded ring, you might want to try crafting other types of beaded rings.

Do you have any questions or comments about the beaded ring project or this lens? Feel free to post a comment!

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      she need to hold item still so we can see them. it was shakey.

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      Margaret Schindel 6 years ago from Massachusetts

      Thanks again for another wonderful jewelry making tutorial.

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      TWOnline2 7 years ago

      okay. looks easy.

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      Very informative lens.

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      I like it, I think I will have to go find the beading box :-)

      Thanks, lovely lens.

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      Mortira 8 years ago

      Another great tutorial! I love the 'hugs and kisses' design. This is a great first step into crossweave or RAW for beginners.

      Welcome to the Beads and Jewels group!