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How to become an actor in London

Updated on February 23, 2017

Training Vs Experience

I hear this debate a lot, whenever I'm on set be it as an actor or extra you will find people talking about the best way to climb the ladder.

I know many trained actors who don't get half as much work as someone who's face looks good on the screen. It's a sad truth but in this industry training doesn't count for sh*t.

Don't get me wrong I fully believe training is essential to be a 'good' actor but it's not needed to be an actor.

How to build up experience!

Their are countless amounts of Facebook groups dedicated to actors, most of these regularly have castings on from students or individuals looking for people to take part in short films or show reel material for other actors. Get yourself involved with these projects even if the pay is low to non as it's all great experience and show reel material.

Become an extra. TV shows, films and commercials all use extras who are normal people not necessarily actors. You get to be on set seeing how it all works, get used to the environment and the way people talk. Most importantly you get to network yourself and get paid for it.

Training Vs Experience

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How to get an agent!

Now contrary to popular belief this isn't very hard to do. As most agents understand the industry looks for not just good actors but likeable people who's face fits the screen. This means even if you're not a trained actor chances are a lot of agencies will still take you on if you have experience and the necessary tools (headshot, showreel).


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