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Before and after, Photoshop edit

Updated on May 10, 2011

I’m fairly new to photography and it’s only being on RedGage (Kevin1877uk) that as gotten me interested in taking a better photo then I have done in the past.

I didn’t have a proper camera until a few months ago I’d always used my mobile phone camera to take photo with. My phone camera took ok photo and I was happy with, but I knew I could take better if I had a camera.

After a few months of should I or shouldn’t I go and spend some money on a proper camera I did. So glad that I did because I now can take some lovely photos and post them on RedGage and earn more money.

Also I got myself a copy of Photoshop, now having a new camera and also Photoshop, both I didn’t know anything about. I played around with the camera, but left Photoshop alone. I wasn’t sure why I bought it and what I could do with it. It seem too complicate for me, I’m a person who doesn’t want to spend hours touching things up to make them look better. I’m a quick fix person, if I can’t do it then that’s ok.

Have you had one of those days were you intend in taking some photos and they don’t look, feel right and simple won’t share them with anyone let alone the whole world. I’d had a one of those days the internet kept going off then coming back on, finally doing my head it made me go out with my camera. I drove to a spot a few miles from home thinking I would be able to take some interesting photos. How wrong could I be, maybe I wasn’t in the mood for taking photos and the one I took didn’t look much. Drove home and had a look at the photo I taken. They weren’t much, a wasted day.

The next day I woke thinking that maybe if I used Photoshop I could maybe turn a photo I taken into something interesting and worth uploading. I watched a number of tutorials but they never made any sense to me, perhaps they go too quickly for me to understand them, maybe I was trying to run before I could walk. After a few cups of coffee I sat at my desk looking and the previous day’s photos, there must be one I could use. I opened Photoshop and started to play around with a photo, light and the colour adjustments, seeing what I could do there. And to my surprise it did look better, I spend about 40 or so minutes until I was happy with it.

I just playing around not knowing really what I was doing I made my first Photoshop edit to a photo I’d taken and feeling pleased with the result I uploaded it to RedGage and thank you for viewing my work


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    • Jools99 profile image

      Jools99 6 years ago from North-East UK

      That's an amazing transformation Kevin. I have an ancient version of Photoshop but I've hardly ever used it. I only really take photos on holiday but RedGage has certainly made me go looking through my old snaps in search of decent ones - they're not up to your standards though :)

    • vasantha  T k profile image

      vasantha T k 6 years ago from Bangalore

      Interesting hub .I am also taking photos with my mobile camera which I am not so happy about .Wish to buy camera soon ,to take better photos. Best wishes.

    • maggs224 profile image

      maggs224 6 years ago from Sunny Spain

      I remember the ones you took on your cell and you got some really good results Kevin, but the ones you have been posting just lately are in a totally different league.

      I think you have come on by leaps and bounds since getting the new camera and now you are into PhotoShop well there will be no stopping you now.