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Easy Beginner Ombre Quote Painting - Step by Step + Video!!!

Updated on March 13, 2016


To Start Painting you will need supplies for your artworks!

I suggest you go to Michael's since they have so many supplies, Now The supplies you get are actually very vital to the projects you want to do. Make sure to be careful on what you buy and even ask the staff members any type of questions you have. Michael's also is one of the cheapest places and usually have a lot of discounts waiting for you! Below are some supplies I suggest you to get!

Similar Tools (Paint Tray Optional)
Similar Tools (Paint Tray Optional)

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Suggested Supplies

  • Level 1 Acrylic Painting Set (Variety of Colors)
  • Reasonable Small level on Canvas (To Paint on)
  • Beginner Brush set (Sponge brush, Different size of brushes)
  • Most level one supplies ( If needed)
  • Letter Stickers if you need to paint letters ( Choose size according to word and canvas)

1- Ombre Background Quote Painting

Quotes are super easy to paint! Also very Stylish!


- Letter Stickers (Pick According to words and Canvas Size )

- A Color of choice and a lighter Color

- Any Brush ( Bigger ones work Best )

- Level one Canvas

- Hair Dryer with Cold air setting ( Faster Drying )


Comment Below for more Suggestions or any Questions!


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