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42 Excellent Bell Craft Ideas

Updated on January 25, 2017
lbrummer profile image

I love arts and crafts. I used to volunteer teach an elementary art class and love sharing tutorials for fun crafts to make with kids.

We usually think of Christmas when looking for crafts using bells, but you’ll see that jingle bells are used for lots of other projects also. Clusters of bells make beautiful ornaments, wreaths and garlands. You can use bells on earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Also use bells to decorate napkin holders, monograms and to make musical instruments.

There are ideas for making bells using egg cartons, paper cups and chicken wire. As with all craft ideas, feel free to change, add or substitute materials to make the craft item uniquely yours.

To make the snowman bell ornaments, shown above, go to Everything Erin for the tutorial.

1. Bells and Pearls Heart Ornament

Adding faux pearls with bells gives this heart ornament an elegant look. You'll find the tutorial for this heart ornament at the Songbird site. The tutorial includes pictures of the heart ornament with, and without the pearls added.

2. Crocheted Chain and Bells Garland

Sometimes the simplest idea turns out to be a great idea. That's how I feel about this garland in which the bells are added while making a crocheted chain. The garland could be wrapped around a wreath or arranged into a centerpiece. Find the tutorial a fiber flux.

3. Jingle Bell Tree

Imagine where you could put this decorative bell tree. The tree has an elegant look that would be appropriate in any decorator style. Place it on a shelf, the mantel or in a centerpiece arrangement. The tutorial for this outstanding project is found at Jennifer RIZZO .

4. Napkin Rings

I love to use napkin rings when setting the table for a family holiday meal. These napkin rings with bells, although easy and simple to make, give the table a special touch. Go to SAND & SISAL for the instructions.

5. Easy Jingle Bell Garland

Can you imagine how expensive this garland would be if you wanted to buy it ready made from a specialty shop? Make your own and save, by following the tutorial shared at angies’ roost.

6. Jingle Bell Angel

7. Angel Wind Chimes

This little angel wind chimes is something that can be enjoyed all year long. You'll find the directions for making this angel wind chimes project at All Free Crafts. This angel would be a cute decoration for a bridal or baby shower or to hang in a girls room. A nice gift idea.

8. Jingle Bell Pillow

This Pottery Barn inspired pillow is made so much less expensively than it would cost to buy it from Pottery Barn. You'll find this attractive jingle bell pillow's tutorial at the how does she site.

9. Monogram Wreath

Consider this monogram wreath as a gift idea for a wedding or a new home gift. It's also something that a teenager or college student would like for a bedroom or dorm room wall hanging. You'll find the tutorial for this monogram wreath at .

10. Bell Sticks

The kids will love making these bell stick musical instruments, and then ringing the bells while singing and marching. See how to make these bell sticks by going to Rockabye Butterfly for the directions.

11. Jingle Bell Straws

Every party is more fun when the decorations include the little things, like putting jingle bells on the drink straws. This is such a cute idea and one that the kids will love helping you with. The tutorial for this project is found at THE PROPER PINWHEEL .

12. Jingle Bell Door Knob Hangers

Purchase the bangle bracelets and jingle bells from a dollar store, and you can make these door knob hangers very inexpensively, then go to Kids 4 Crafts for the instructions.

13. Cowbell Santa, Snowman and Reindeer

Cow bells are also used in crafts, and here is a perfect project for Christmas ornaments or gifts. You'll find the tutorial for making any or all of these Christmas characters at .

14. Crocheted Basket

Wouldn't a pretty bowl, or basket, like this be the perfect answer to how to display the Christmas cards that you receive? The directions for making this jingle bell enhanced crocheted basket are found at the BABY TO BOOMER site.

15. Glass Jingle Bells

Actually these look alike bells are glass Christmas balls painted to look like jingle bells. This super cute project, and the instructions for making it, is found at Picklee.

16. Bird and Bell Door Hanger

Christmas is usually the only time of the year that I include door knobs in my decorating agenda. This bird and large jingle bell make a very attractive door hanger. The tutorial for making the bird and bell door hanger is found at 2 BEES in a Pod.

17. Crocheted Bell

Make a group of three crocheted bells to make a beautiful Christmas swag. Or hang them individually, by a ribbon, on the Christmas tree. The crochet pattern for the bell is found at Crochet Jewel.

18. Chicken Wire Bell Ornament

For a nice shabby chic ornament to include with your Christmas décor, make a chicken wire bell ornament like this one. Find the tutorial at Craftynest.

19. Egg Carton Bells

Making egg carton bells is an inexpensive and simple craft to do with even the smallest kids. Lay newspaper out on the table before giving the kids paints and a brush to color the egg carton. Find all the instructions for making egg carton bells at pacefarm.

20. Jingle Elves

Decorate a wreath, swag or centerpiece with little elves like these. The tutorial for making them is found at NALLE’S HOUSE .

21. Christmas Cord Bell Garland

Making this bell garland is probably the simplest of them all. You can purchase beautiful Christmas cording with gold, silver or colored tinsel threaded in the cord. See how the garland is made by going to valley & co. lifestyle for the instructions.

22. Jingle Earrings

You'll be hearing bells when you make and wear these little jingle bell earrings. You can find the directions on how to make them at Raziela Designs.

23. Jingle Bell Instrument with Handle

It'll be easy for the little ones to ring the jingle bells when they have a handle to hold on to. The instructions for making this project is found at the baby center site.

24. Marshmallow and Jingle Bell Snowman

Make a whole tree full of these cute snowman bell ornaments for a Snowman themed tree. Find the tutorial at CRAFTS-FOR-ALL-SEASONS , gather the supplies and make lots of snowmen.

25. Red Felt Bell Ornaments

Felt is an easy fabric to use in crafts because it doesn't have to be hemmed. It doesn't fray. Make these easy-to-make bells by going to CITY GIRL GONE COASTAL for the instructions.

26. DIY Dancing Bells

These little dancing bells, to wear on the wrists or ankles, are made to last. The fabric and velcro assembly makes these bells perfect for a classroom activity. Go to RAINY DAY MUM to see how to make them.

27. Animals and Bells Ornaments

Click on the Download button under the picture on the Bostik site to take you to the PDF for the patterns and instructions for making the ornaments.

28. Wedding Kiss Bells

I'm sure there would be a lot of bell ringing at the wedding reception that gives these bell wands to the guests. They are supposed to ring the bells instead of tapping the glasses with silverware to "remind" the wedding couple to kiss. The tutorial is at CHICA AND JO .

29. Wood and Burlap Jingle Bells

If you like to decorate using burlap, this will be a perfect tree ornament to make. The burlap rosette on the square dowel makes a nice base for the silver bells. Find all the instructions for this project at Shanty 2 CHIC .

30. Crochet Icicle Ornaments

31. Jingle Bell Ribbon Rings

The ribbon covered rings will make holding onto the jingle bells really easy for the littlest kids. They'll love dancing and ringing the bells while singing Christmas songs. Go to make and takes for the simple instructions.

32. Joy Letter Decoration

I really think this is an exception project, and would love to make these to give to my family members for Christmas. The tutorial for this project is found at Capturing joy .

33. Painted Stick Bell Instrument

This is one of those "not for Christmas only" items to make with bells.. I can imagine that a bunch of Scouts would love making and playing these bell instruments. You'll find the directions for this project at Twodaloo .

34. Liberty Bell

We couldn't have a collection of bell crafts without including a Liberty bell project. Incorporate this craft into a lesson plan for the classroom. Find the project instructions at Preschool Craft for Kids .

35. Friendly Pendants

Imagine how many little pendant necklaces you could make for your little girl and her friends with just a handful of beads and bells. The instructions are so easy to follow at maker*land and the pendant necklaces are too cute for words.

36. Paper Cut Bells

This is probably one of the oldest craft ideas on the internet. It seems like I made these when I was in grade school, a whole lifetime ago. The project is still a good one though, and you can see how to do it by going to the firstpalette site.

37. Bell Reindeer Necklace

Reindeer necklaces would be a nice item for stocking stuffer gifts or for inexpensive gifts to give to office mates. The tutorial for making this bell reindeer necklace can be found at kiwi crate .

38. Tinsel Bells

These bells were enough different than the rest that I thought I'd have to include them here. I like the tinsel on these bells and think it makes for some very festive looking bells. Find the directions for making them at Parents.

39. Spider Bells

I have to admit that spiders, the real things, scare the living daylights out of me, but this bells and beads spider is very cute. You can make one of these spiders by following the tutorial at CRAFTS-FOR-ALL-SEASONS.

40. Bells Snowflake

Oh, I love this snowflake made with bells. I could see this as an ornament on the Christmas tree or in a wreath or swag. Very nice! Find these instructions on the Better Homes and Gardens site.

41. Sleigh Bells

This sleigh bells project is made using leather, actually white vinyl as the backing to hang the bells. The gold beads and roping really finish this off beautifully. The white, gold and green colors would look great with anyone décor. The Centsational Girl site has all the instructions.

42. Tiny Bell Wreath

This wreath might be tiny, but it sure packs a lot of holiday greetings in it. Make lapel pins, corsages, hairpins, headband, etc. using the little wreath. Find the instructions for making the wreath at funEZcrafts .

© 2014 Loraine Brummer

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    • profile image

      Shirley Robinson 2 weeks ago

      Love your vinyl with 3 bells on it. Also the bells with ear muffs. Do you have any new designs?

      Thank you

    • lbrummer profile image

      Loraine Brummer 2 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      Beaddoodler, I sure hope your granddaughter finds an item or two that she'll want to make. I think it's great that so many crafters are willing to share the directions for making the projects they dream up. Even sharing patterns.

    • Beaddoodler profile image

      Jennie Hennesay 2 years ago from Lubbock TX

      Wow! A lot of neat ideas. I'll have to show this to my granddaughter and see if she can find something she wants to make this year. Hand made ornaments are a tradition in my family.

    • lbrummer profile image

      Loraine Brummer 2 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, VirginiaLynne. I wish I had time to make a bunch of these crafts. I especially like the bells and pearls heart wreath.

    • VirginiaLynne profile image

      Virginia Kearney 2 years ago from United States

      You certainly have a very complete list of crafts made with bells. I like the fact that you do link to the directions also. I have done many of these crafts before, but was impressed by some of the simple ideas like the bells on the straws and the bells on string for hanging on a tree. Pinned.