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Belleek Pottery

Updated on September 20, 2012

Have you seen the Belleek China Collection? If not you are missing out! Each of these pieces is hand made and hand painted. The individual China is glazed and created with care right in the heart of Ireland. If you take a close look at some of the pieces you will see special embossed designed within them. All of the China features the Belleek trademark! The Shamrock! You will pass on much luck and love when you give one of these finely crafted pieces away. It is the best of Irish gifts.

Belleek Kylemore Planter

 The Beleek Kylemore Planter is a great gift for any gardener, especially during the winter months!  This planter is perfect for violets or even Shamrock!  The nine inch container is glazed inside and out so it can be easily washed.  The Parian China is textured to look like a basket. On the outside of the basket is painted the Belleek signature emblem, the Shamrock.  This is a great way to wish someone good fortune throughout the year.

Belleek Nadine Votive

 The Belleek Nadive Votive is made of glazed parian China.  The China is decorated with Shamrocks, which really stand out against the white background. The top of the votive is scalloped.  Diamond patterned scrollwork accentuates each side of the votive.  This is a very classy gift.

Belleek Castle Teapot

 The Belleek Castle Teapot is just adorable!  Whether you are a teapot collector or a collector of Belleek China, you can't go wrong.  The Castle Teapot is white parian China.  True to the Belleek form the China has a basket texture. The unique part of this teapot is that it is in the shape of a castle. The top is scalloped and windows are formed in the China.  And to top it all off the Belleek signature Shamrocks painted on give it a natural feel, like Ivy is growing on a wall.  This makes a very whimsical and cute gift.  One customer review gave this teapot five out of five stars and called it an amazing buy!

Belleek Shamrock Salt & Pepper Set

 If you are looking to set a pretty table then why not start with your salt and pepper shakers?  The Belleek Salt and pepper shakers are made out of fine Parian china. They have the same signature basket effect with the shamrocks painted on.  This set of salt and pepper shakers sits three inches high. This gift would be a fine compliment to any kitchen!

Belleek Daisy Trinket Box

 This Belleek Trinket box is a very cute buy. The Parian china is a woven texture on the sides.  On the top the lid is embossed with the form of many daisies.  Three Shamrocks are elegantly painted on the front of the Trinket box. This box is 2 and ¾ inches wide. Hurry this item is going soon. Not many of them left in stock.

Belleek Fortunes 7 Inch Vase

 This Belleek Fortunes 7 inch vase is very elegant.  The texture is actually embossed shamrocks right on the vase.   The vase is tinted slightly making it stand out.  Four Shamrocks adorn the front of this vase! With all these Shamrocks on the vase good fortune should sure find the receiver of this gift!

Belleek B2968 Fairy Glen 6.5-Inch Vase

 This is a very sweet vase!  If you look closely you can see the impressions of a fairy sitting right on the front of the vase!  There are four Shamrocks blowing in the wind, all around her.  This vase stands just over six inches tall.  Hurry this one is going fast too!

Belleek Shamrock Cup and Saucer Set

 This Belleek Shamrock cup and saucer is perfect for that afternoon cup of tea!  This cute cup and saucer is made of the basket like china with Shamrocks embossed upon it.  Even the saucer has the same embossed wicker pattern.  I love the handle on the cup. It looks like a vine!  The Belleek Cup and saucer would make a great gift for any collector!

Beleek Pottery makes a great gift for Christmas,Mother's day or even a birthday! These finely crafted pottery will make their eyes light up!


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