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Benefits of Modern Sewing Machines

Updated on January 2, 2012
Singer Sewing Machine
Singer Sewing Machine

Ultra-modern sophisticated sewing machines have turned sewing more convenient. Sewing and stitching by hands in traditional ways not only consumed more time and labour but also no desired pattern and designs can be made despite utmost care and attention.

Sewing machines made their advent in India in the beginning of 19th century. Since then, ever new models of sewing machines have been launched from time to time.

Mechanical sewing machine: In the beginning, there used to be mostly mechanical sewing machines only. These are all simple machines, which are operated with the help of gears and handle. They require mere physical force to run and are useful in sewing and mending petty domestic clothes. Later on, machines operated by feet were also launched in the market. Mostly commercial tailors use these machines.

Technical aspects of mechanical machines have always been improved upon and now their several models are available in the market. Earlier, these used to be heavy and clumsy and occupied more space. But nowadays modern mechanical sewing machines are light in weight, portable, easy to operate and look attractive.

Nowadays, despite the arrival of several sewing technologies, simple mechanical sewing machines have their own charm and importance. They are the best implement to carry out petty sewing jobs at home.

Electrical sewing machine: When electric motors were added to mechanical sewing machine, it came to be called as electrical sewing machine. It has an attached electrical motor that runs with electricity. This motor runs the machine, hence in comparison to mechanical machines it requires less physical labour. It is employed for large-scale sewing jobs. The machine is controlled with a foot paddle and its speed is regulated.

Electronic sewing machine: Electronic sewing machine made its debut in the Indian market after the electric sewing machines. This machine comes fitted with a circuit board and buttons to perform tasks like running the machine, changing needle, changing design patterns. Machine’s setting can be adjusted according to the task in hand. This machine has made sewing work extremely convenient. Usually such machine is used in factories.

Digital sewing machine: Digital sewing machine is so far the latest in line of sewing machines because it is totally automatic. Even in an electronic machine one need to push button in order to change setting. But in digital sewing machine every function is done automatically, as the machine has a microprocessor card and is connected to a computer. Command is given through the computer after feeding all information about settings like quantity of cloth, thread colour, design pattern, etc. and the machine performs the task exactly according to the command. If the same machine is connected to the Internet, latest trendy patterns and designs can be downloaded too and setting can be changed going into EDIT option.

Digital sewing machine has revolutionized the sewing world. It requires basic computer knowledge to run this machine. It is due to these latest techniques being incorporated into sewing machines available in the market that have made it possible to create new patterns and designs and sewing all kind of fabrics conveniently.

Stunning creativity that is visible today in sewing world could have become possible because of modern sewing machines. This is the reason sewing machine is considered the most creative machine today.


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