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Best Animation Software

Updated on October 1, 2014

When I was a kid I really wonderful how these animations are created, but not anymore. I know the secret, there are tonnes of animation creator software but I am here to show you only the best. These are the eight essential softwares that every artist needs to master in order to be called as a professional in animation industry. From Gertie the dinosaur to Maleficent the use of animation has really widened up. You can even think of a career in this industry.

  • Photoshop CS6:- you can do a lot more with Photoshop then just editing your picture. It can open a new dimension for you; you just need to look at it. Adobe Photoshop is becoming quite a name among the professional artist and that’s why it’s on the number one position. Its CS6 version is new and improved; you just need to know the question because all the questions are already answered in this version of Photoshop. But to make it complete you might need its upgrade to get the full potential of it and mind it, it’s not for free. You need to pay for its upgrade. You can choose not to upgrade as the software is itself complete and close to perfection but to run it smoothly and stay in the market with animation experts you need an upgraded version. So for me, Photoshop is a software that’s need to be in your computer all time. Just decide which version is appropriate for you

  • 3ds Max 2014:- Amazing software by Auto-desk, 3Ds max. It does all the work for you in the 3D industry. Once I tried learning 3Ds Max and it was a delightful experience, I was able to create a 3d image of an apple and mars moon. You can master this powerful software in an instant, it’s easy to use and doesn’t bother with your brain that much. It’s a powerful 3D image creator, as it challenges your graphic hardware. It’s a power bundle with unlimited power. For a 3D artist, it’s more like a companion, you can’t go anywhere without it.

  • Maya: - just like 3ds max it was focused on 3d animations, in 2005 this amazing software was occupied by Auto-desk. It was a good thing as it now continuing it expansion deep and deep inside the 3D animation industry. There are several award winning animation films in which Auto-desk Maya is involved. So you can guess how important software it is. You can learn all there about modelling, skinning, rigging, cloth and other stuff. Just look at it and start your first lesson. You are going to love it.

  • Mari 2.6v2:- this software is used in Avatar and other films. It’s 3D texturing painting software. A very useful and user friendly software. If you are looking for a best 3D texturing software, then the only name will come is Mari 2.6v2.

  • Illustrator CC:- Another one from Adobe, if you are looking for a borderline software then illustrator will help you. It’s vector graphic editor software, it was first developed for apple Macintosh but as you can see it’s available for all the platforms. With the creative cloud service this software is an asset for a graphic designer.

  • FL Studio 11:- It’s known a FruityLoops Studio and it’s a digital audio workstation. It features graphic user interface based on music sequencer. Starting from nothing more than MIDI program it travelled through a lot finally becoming FL Studio. The best thing with this is that FL Studio gave lifetime free updates. You won’t going to get that in Adobe.

  • Mudbox 2014:- yet another from Auto-desk or you say, it is currently developed by Auto-desk. It’s a 3D sculpting and painting tool just like Mari. It was first created by skymatter. If you want to see the use of this software you can see the remake of King Kong where the complete product is used. Other than King Kong it’s used in 2005 Peter Jackson.

  • Cinema 4D Prime: - its 3D modelling, animating and rendering software better known as Maxon’s 3D software. Its four variants are available for windows and Macintosh users. First the core version that’s Cinema 4D for prime application, the broadcast version to deal with motion graphic features, the visualize version to add functions for architecture designs and at the last the studio version for all modules. This amazing software is really awesome if you want to move any animated character around a screen. You can find traces or the complete work in number of films and related work. Some of them are Beowulf, surf’s up, the golden compass etc.


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