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Where to Find Cheap Beads Shops in Manila

Updated on December 13, 2016
Image with Creative Commons Atrtibution Share Alike license as of Dec. 2012
Image with Creative Commons Atrtibution Share Alike license as of Dec. 2012 | Source

If you are a beads hobbyist or reseller and have no idea where to find you stash, here are a few of the bead shops you should try out. There are a host of beads shops just around Quiapo in the city of Manila. The best finds are found right along the busy Villalobos Street perfectly located right across the front facade of the historic Quiapo Church. Indeed, this area is a beader's heaven with different stores offering beads of varying shapes and sized as well as other beader's accessories in the most reasonable prices. Not only that, these shops also sell pre-finished bead accessories if one chooses to simply resell.

A buyer need not walk far because the shops sit pretty to each other. Each of them carry troves of beads and one need only have a lot of time in her hands to search and find that perfect item. Expect big crowds on weekends and make sure to take precautionary measures to secure your bags and wallets when in the area.

Chic Beaded Ring Tutorial


Wellmansons bead shop is one of the popular shops. The store is located a few stores on the right side if you will be coming from the Quiapo church.The store offers everything from gems, glass beads, stones, crystals, a variety of stringing materials, chains, beading tools and beads storing cabinets among others. Surprisingly, unlike other shops in the area, this store is quite well-stocked and organized similar to one in any mall.

Wellmanson also sells boxes of different shapes and sizes for all your beads creations, that is, if you plan to sell them. You will also find crimps and silvers depending on your needs. To avoid the huge crown during weekends, try to schedule your visit on a weekday if you can. Saturday afternoons are the worst. Do note that the shop is closed during Sundays.

Wellmansons is a top beads stop in the Villalobos area judging from the crowd during early Saturday mornings. As always, to have a safe and enjoyable beads shopping, keep your bags and wallet tucked in safe right in front of you at all times and it would not hurt to dress down to increase your leverage and not encourage too much attention to yourself.

Original photo by Abhishek Joshi Image with CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License
Original photo by Abhishek Joshi Image with CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License | Source

D.I.Y. Beads

D.I.Y. Beads (Do-It-Yourself) is also another beader's heaven. Though not as organized as Wellmansons, it offers other stones and gems that you may not be able to see in other stores. D.I.Y. also showcases a wonderful assortment of gorgeous red stones in all shaded (of red) right beside the counter so don't forget to take a look. If red is not your favorite color, you will soon become a fan after the array of reds from D.I.Y.

D.I.Y. also carries packaging materials for all your finished beads creations including reasonably-priced display racks in different shapes and colors.

Some of my beads creations
Some of my beads creations

Of course, Villalobos street would not be Manila's beaders' heaven without all the other beads stores but don't miss out on these two stores if you plan to make your first visit to purchase your first beads stash and surely, any visitor just can't have enough and will promise to come back again and again. 

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