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You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a good digital camera

Updated on November 14, 2015
Canon a1100 IS
Canon a1100 IS

Discount digital cameras

If you want a digital camera, but think you can't afford one, I have the solution for you. I actually have 2 solutions for you . There are lots of choices for a discount digital camera on the market at this time, the really cheap ones are junk.

These 2 camera's are 2 good camera's that you can use to take good quality pictures. Nikon coolpix L19, and the Canon powershot A1100 IS. I'll show you why you would want the Nikon or the Canon.

Photo projects

Book on special landscape projects that will make you a better photographer.

Nikon L 19

You can get the Nikon L 19 at Amazon for around $95. What you get with the Nikon is a slightly bigger than pocket size camera. The Nikon will fit nicely in a purse or a small case that you can carry on your belt. This camera uses low cost easy to find SD memory cards and for power, 2 AA batteries. Rechargeable batteries are best, but will use regular AA in a pinch. This is an 8MP camera, which is plenty of detail for very nice 11X14 prints. Comes with face detect built in that helps you get better focus on people in your pictures. A nice size 2.7" lcd, a 3.6X optical zoom, a very capable flash, and a 10 sec. auto timer. For a low cost digital camera it takes good quality pictures in well lit situations. One negative is It does not have anti shake. It does have a feature built into it that will not allow you to take a picture that doesn't have enough light. This camera will shoot decent quality video clips up to 2gb in length. Comes with several different scene shooting modes.

Good runthru video on the L19

Canon Powershot A1100 IS

If you can afford an extra $45, you can get this camera for around $140. For the extra money you get a lot more camera. The canon Also uses SD memory cards, also can use mmc cards. As with the Nikon the Canon uses AA batteries. The Canon also has face detect software built in. The Canon has a nice LCD and a viewfinder, very handy outdoors in bright sunlight. This camera has 12.4MP resolution. Also shoots decent video, up to 4GB in length. Zoom of 35 - 140mm. The lens is a bit faster, to f2.7. The metering system is more versatile with, evaluative, center weighted, and spot metering. Comes with 10 sec. auto timer, and a capable flash. It also comes in 4 different colors. Has 18 shooting modes and 9 different scene modes, to help you get the best shots possible in special situations.  This is the best low cost digital camera on the market at this time.

Good video of Canon A1100 IS


In the low cost digital camera market, these are the 2 best cameras there are. The Nikon is the cheaper of the 2 camera's. It is a very capable camera that will allow you to take pictures of your family and friends that you will be proud to show off. The Cannon gives you for the extra money, 4MP more of detail in the pictures, a faster lens, more metering ranges, and the biggest extra feature, the anti shake. Anti shake allows you to take much clearer pictures at a much lower level of light. You will get a lot fewer shots that will be blurry and out of focus, and is the best choice for a discount digital camera.


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    • PDXBuys profile image

      PDXBuys 4 years ago from Oregon

      I just picked up a used Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P52 at a garage sale for five bucks! Several memory cards were included. Ordered a USB cable on eBay for another $3.25. Camera has a 3.2 MP resolution and a 2X zoom. Also has an MPEG movie mode with audio recording. Works great for travel photos! Great price!

    • profile image

      Jordan Elderkin 6 years ago

      Also take a look at for a full budget digital camera sections all from a trustworthy source (