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Best Mini Tripods

Updated on March 13, 2011

What are Mini Tripods?

Tripods are excellent for keeping digital cameras still but the one main problem is that tripods are difficult to lug around all day and that is where the mini tripod comes in: with all the functionality of a normal tripod but with increased portability (some of these tripods will fir in your pockets!).

Mini tripods also help keep your pictures/photographs still and steady and stop your precious photos becoming blurry and are especially useful for self portraits! You can also use mini tripods to record videos for camcorders and video cameras like the FlipHD and record videos in style and also take a video from anywhere.

Mini tripods come in all shapes and sizes and vary enormously. There are many mini tripods out there and some are obviously better than others. This hub will help you choose the right mini tripod and you should find it useful for comparing the best mini tripods.

Why do I want a Mini Tripod?

You will want and need a mini tripod at some time in your life if you take photographs often and if you are a professional photography you will need a range of mini tripods and full size tripods for taking photographs especially if you take portraits but even if you take landscape photographs you can keep your digital camera still and get the ultimate photo.

Mini tripods are also so easy to carry around and you can carry one with you all the time unlike one of the big chunky traditional tripods.

The Best Mini Tripods

Since you are obviously looking for the best mini tripods available I am going to show you some of the very best mini tripods.

Joby Gorillapod Mini Tripod

One of the best mini tripods available is the excellent Joby Gorillapod. There is a selection of Gorillapod tripods and they are all very highly rated. The best for most people is the GP1 range but if you have a very heavy DSLR camera you may want to choose one of the stronger gorillapods.

Aside from being amazing in every respect the Gorillapod comes in a range of colours like blue, green, yellow, pink, grey and red in the Joby Gorillapod GP-1 range and you can select the colour you want at Amazon.  Prices vary a little and sometimes between colours but are normally available for just under $20!  That is a great price for something so good.

The Gorillapod is an excellent choice for your mini tripod and you can't go wrong!

Sunpak Mini Spider Tripod

The Sunpak Mini Tripod is excellent for a few reasons:

  • small 
  • adjustable
  • holds video cameras as well as normal digital cameras
  • has flexible legs
  • ultra portable
  • can be left in a bag
  • very inexpensive
  • take clear photos with no blur
The Sunpak Mini Spider Tripod is a nice alternative to the Gorillapods and while not for serious photographers with expensive and heavy equipment is perfect for family use considering its very cheap price - a bargain!

Slik Tripods

Slik Tripods are really high quality and are honestly excellent and does everything you could expect it to. The Slik Table Top Tripods are very good as they are really portable and lightweight.

The Slik Table Top Tripod has recieved 10 5* 1 4* and 1 3* reviews which shows it is a great product with many people claiming it is the best tripod.

Here is an excerpt from one review on Amazon:

"I have no worries of taken the Slik Mini with me and highly recommend it to every beginner, advancer and pro."

And another excerpt:

"A very sturdy tripod, with expandable legs and a raisable center column, it's the best compromise I have found for stability, portability, convenience, and size in a tripod. "

Flip Tripod

The Flip Video Tripod is an essential gadget for all Flip video camera owners and is the perfect accessory for Flip camcorders.  The Flip Video Tripod is very sturdy, lightweight and is also very flexible meaning it will work on nearly any surface!

You also get some really cool interchangeable feet (black, white, pink, green and orange) which also gives it a more cool, personal touch.

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      Good collection of mini tripods. I should check some of them out!