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Best New Portrait Lighting Kit - Flash Photography - Buy Flash Light Kit

Updated on February 1, 2011

Interfit Strobies Portrait Kit

I recently got to try out the Storbies Portrait Kit from Interfit and let me tell you this is the Best New Portrait Lighting Kit. No matter if you are an experienced portrait photographer moving away from traditional studio strobe lighting to portable speedlights or a photography enthusiest with a single Hotshoe Mounted Flash, you need to Buy the Strobies Portrait Kit.

High Quality

The Strobies attachments are of highest quality. When I took this kit out of the box I was shocked by how well the Strobies are made. Unlike similar speedlight accesories, which are flimsy and disposable, the strobies are sturdy and made to last. I was not expecting something so durable.

Easy to Use

All of the diffent Strobies attach to the a flex mount that fits snugly onto your flash. This makes changing between Strobies a snap.


The Storbies Portrait Kit comes with all of the attachments you can think of. The kit comes with a Beauty Dish, Light Globe, Soft Box, Barn Door, Snoot, and Honey Comb attachments.


Best of all this entire kit costs under $150!

Flex Mount (Not Included)

The one thing that this kit does not come with, beside a flash, is the Flex Mount that attaches to your flash head. That's because there is a variety of Flex Mounts to fit on diffent types of flashes.

There are Flex Mounts for the Nikon Speedlights SB600, SB800 and SB900, the Cannon 430EX, 550EX and 580EX. There are also Flex Mounts available for other brands, like Sony and Vivitar.

Each of the Flex Mounts costs under $10 and you will only need to buy one Flex Mount for each of your flashes.

Beauty Dish

A Beauty Dish has a disc directly in front of the flash which bounces the light back onto a white dish that the light reflects back out of. This creates a uniform and softer light.

The Beauty Dish in the Strobies Portrait Lighting Kit is made out of metal and the inside is coated with a ceramic like material which reflects light beautifuly.

You can remove the inner disc on the Strobies Beauty Dish to turn it into a standard reflector.


A Softbox is another way to get nice diffuse soft light from your flash. Instead of reflecting the the light a softbox softens the light by passing it through a diffusion material.

The softbox that comes with the strobies portrait kit is about double the size of other softboxes available for camera mounted flashes, which is great since size really does matter with softboxes.  

Barn Door

A Barn Door is a light modifier that has four adjustable doors which you can move to control the light that comes out of your flash.

The Barn Door attachment in the Strobies Portrait Lighting Kit works great as a hair light or background light.


A snoot is a conical attachment that concentrates light just like a spot light.

The Snoot with the Strobies Portrait Lighiting Kit comes comes with grids that you can insert into your snoot to further control the light.  

Honey Comb

 A Honey Comb is a light modifer that attaches to flash and prevents the light from spilling out into all directions. As the name emplies this light modifier looks like a bee's Honey Comb.

The Strobies Honey Combs are available with both a 20 or 30 degree grid.


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