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Best Out of Waste - How to make a wall clock using waste material

Updated on December 25, 2014

Best out of waste idea - Clock using cardboard and ice cream sticks

Introduction - Crafts are the best way to re purpose old stuff

Most of my articles are based on art and craft and making things using only waste materials is my hobby. Hope my ideas will be of some help and inspire people who are reading these articles to not throw everything in the dustbins rather use it creatively by making new things. In a way we save our environment by re purposing old stuff. I take art and classes alo where kids really enjoy making things using waste materials like old plaxtic bottles, newspapers, old books etc.

This sometime becomes a problem at times as we keep all the old material with a hope that we will make something pout if one day but beleiev me give some sapce i n your household where you keep all that suff and whwenever get time make something new and creative and show the world. Art is really appreciated in whatever form it comes.

i even keep small pieces of colored paper that is usually left out during our classes to make something out of it and thankfully it helps me to make scenery or a school project where small cut outs of colored papers are required like you can see the image below where i made a scenery using only geometrical shapes for a school project whwere i used lot of such leftover pieces.

Materials required to make this clock

Very few material is required to make this unique clock because if you the working machine of the clock you can make a clock using many different things. Its not a kids job but not really difficult while we practically do it.

The cardboard used here is a circular piece which is from an old board game of my child. It was of no use now for him.

Ice cream sticks and glue,

The working clock park with needles is from an old wall clock which was almost broken so i removed all these working parts and reused them here.

If you wish to color the sticks then you might need acrylic paints and a brush.

Cardboard with hole in the middle done using scissor
Cardboard with hole in the middle done using scissor | Source
Fit in the part from beneath
Fit in the part from beneath | Source
Fit the hour hand first
Fit the hour hand first | Source
Fit the minutes hand and at last the seconds hand
Fit the minutes hand and at last the seconds hand | Source

Steps to make the clock

We need a base to make this clock where we can fit the needles and battery part, i had this circular piece of cardboard but you can use something else also or cut a piece of good quality cardboard, generally toys boxes are made up of good cardboard.

You can change the shape of it also like a square will also look very nice or even a triangle will go well. Depending on your choice cut a shape.

So take the cardboard piece and make a hole at the center using any tool like a scissor or nail,

Now fit the battery part at the backside of it and needles part on the upper side which you want to show.

I have tried to show in the images how to put the needles one by one like the hour hand first and then minutes hand and last the hour hand.

Your clock is now complete, just check if is working or not, because sometimes when we do this manually at home it might take time in adjusting the needles.

Once this is done you have to put the ice cream sticks one by one. To do this just mark on the table the exact position of the numbers like 12, then, 6 then 3 and then 9. Now divide all the 4 parts into 3 equal parts, this way you will get 12 equal parts.

I know it is not difficult to divide the sections but marking it properly is very important because i had to struggle a bit to get the proper positions .

Now paste all the 12 ice cream sticks one by one, give some time for the glue to dry.

And that's it your clock is ready oh i mean your clock is again ready with a completely new different look and the best part is that it is handmade.

Since i had a base in yellow color so i kept the sticks in its natural color but you can color the sticks in any color of your choice or color each stick in a different shade. This will make the clock look even better. Painting sticks is very easy with acrylics.

Hope this best out of waste idea will be liked by you all the same way my earlier ideas were appreciated.

Pasting the sticks to represent numbers

Paste the sticks one by one
Paste the sticks one by one | Source


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    • profile image


      2 months ago

      very good presentation.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      very helpful

    • profile image

      Shivraj Kotekar (SF) 

      3 years ago

      Cool tricks... I liked it


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