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Best Paint By Numbers from Europe

Updated on June 11, 2014

Welcome to European Paint By Numbers


The Next Level

People around the world enjoy paint by numbers as a great way to relax. For me it allows me to feel as though I am a little bit more creative, even though I lack the ability to draw a stick figure on my own. I have been doing paint by numbers off an on for the last five years. What started for me as a great way to have something affordable to do on a Sunday afternoon in the wintertime has become a much larger hobby for me.

About a year ago, I had the opportunity to move to Germany. After I got settled and enrolled in language school, I started to look into paint by numbers in Germany. Let me tell you that I was more than pleasantly surprised.

Indian Summer


A Different Way

If you are like me, you are used to Dimension or similar paint by number sets in America. While I have enjoyed these paint by number sets, I started to find that after a certain point they were becoming repetitive in nature. Specifically, I prefer a landscape scene as opposed to cats or dogs (of which there are plenty).

But my biggest complaint with the majority of the paint by number sets that I used was that they required me to mix paints in order to create all of the colors. And while, mixing the paints can help you to feel that you are really painting, for me it was a bigger hassle then it was worth. I would have a separate paint mixing plate and additionally, every time I mixed the colors, I would inevitably have some that didn't seem to work so well. Either one color would remain dominate or more likely, I would mix the colors and think that I had covered everything only to discover a day later that I missed a spot. Now I would have to go all of the way back and mix another batch. Of course the newly mixed batch would never quite match the original.

Then I had the great fortune of discovering Schipper Paint By Number sets.

Schipper New York Time Square


The Difference

When I ordered by first Schipper Paint by Number in Germany, the thing I noticed was that there was no more mixing of colors. For me, this was already a great improvement compared to my previous paint by number experiences.

The next thing that I noticed was that the Schipper had some really great variety in their overall types of paintings. Finally, once I completed a Schipper painting I noticed that it had a much stronger depth of colors. The colors seemed to overall be much more alive and glossy then other paint by number kits.

Additionally, Schipper offers a variety of different paintings. For example they have regular large paintings, as well as, sets of three or four small paintings that when paired together create a really unique touch and are unlike anything else that I have seen.

Old World Church


Where to Find

The great news is that even if you don't live in Europe, you can still find Schipper Paint By Number kits on Amazon. You will find that these kits are slightly more expensive than the traditional paint by number kits sold on Amazon. However, I truly believe that if you are looking for something really different then they are a great option.

I recently completed several new Schipper paint by numbers and now have them hanging up in my apartment. It is always a great feeling when friends stop by and are impressed by the paintings. That is a feeling that I didn't always have with some of the other paintings that I have completed.



Try Something Different

So try something different this year and check out Schipper Paint By Number kits. For me the biggest thing has been to get back my feeling of joy as I work on my paintings. I have been able to complete great works of art that look fantastic enough to display. Who knows maybe one day you can display these great works of art for yourself.

Happy painting.

Favorite Paint By Number

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