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Best Places Online To Sell Your Art

Updated on January 4, 2014

Are you struggling when it comes to find the best places online to sell your art? The days when you had to take your creative arts to various auctions and studios to sell are finally gone. Now you can showcase your art, sell your art, and earn the money with a single click. This article will guide you on how to showcase and sell your art. There are thousands of websites where you can sell your art. But the main question that many people have is - will you really make money? The qualities offered or the services provided by some of the art sites need to be looked over before you dive in. These sites may not get a lot of traffic through them, so showcasing or exhibiting your art on these websites won’t benefit you much. Therefore, this article gives you the list of the best websites which will quality services, maximize the opportunity and actually benefit you when it comes to selling your art. Keep on reading to get an idea of where to sell your hard work and creativity to maximize the profit:

This is a very useful and quirky site with some awesome visuals which allow sellers to get their own animated storefront. It charges you with $9.95 per month and a nominal transaction fee of 3% per transaction.

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500px is basically a photography site, which offers you to not only store artwork your but you can share your photos as well as sell them. It has got features for beginners as well as experts. It eases you with free as well as paid memberships. Choose to sell art here or even photography.

This is one of the most popular art sites around. You can choose membership levels from free to premier. They also offer shopping carts for sellers who open their own store.

It basically runs on the donation of the artists registered here.

Although it’s a British website, the artists get to sell their art without giving any commission. This website does not have any middle man. However, you will be charged for having an account there.

The best e commerce website can be used for selling your arts and crafts too. It’s very convenient and easy to sell of your stuff and very reliable too.

They claim to be the one stop shop or website rather, for the best in class American Hand Crafts. All you need is to keep your product prices more than $ 10. For each successful sale, your transaction fee is 7% of the sale.

How to sell and price your art

Tips on finding the best places online to sell your art

Remember that some websites will showcase your art for free (usually they don't do sales but act merely as a gallery) while others will handle transactions and take a fee for each piece of art sold. For example, one store could take a 10% fee. With another example, the fee could be placed for each listing you put up instead of taking a fee per sale made. On the famous "Etsy" arts and crafts site, they charge 0.25c per listing and do not take a commission fee. Be sure that you pay attention to this. You may want to mark up your prices accordingly so that way you'll still make a profit.

:This is yet another highly recommended e commerce website, which is great for artists who focus on selling original artwork or prints. They offer two levels of memberships; free as well as paid. They also provide the world class Print on demand services to maximize your sales.

Although they take away 10% of the sales as a commission, they offer a new trend service where the artist can directly get in touch with various interior designers, architects and other people in the similar business.

They too take a considerable amount as a commission, which is 8.5% of the sales. The artists or the sellers can make a list of the available work, and the buyers can buy or bid on any work.

With a nominal monthly membership fee of $ 12.95 you can sell your creative arts in this prodigious marketplace for crafts, arts, vintages, supplies, etc.

This website has proved to be very mutinous in United Kingdom. It’s the leading destination for those who wants to sell off their stuff online. It has two levels of memberships to choose from. The shopping cart function and text alerts are over-impressive.


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    • galleryofgrace profile image

      galleryofgrace 4 years ago from Virginia

      Really good information but you left out the top site- fine art america!