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Best Premium WordPress Themes of 2013

Updated on March 8, 2013

Responsive WordPress Themes 2013

The World is changing and so should you be! Responsive layouts have become the choice of all web designers! As more people are preferring tabs to browse the internet, the need of a truly elegant responsive theme is escalating! By the word 'responsive theme' I mean a theme which will adjust to the resolution of the device in which it is viewed and provide a complete user satisfaction. Yes, 2013 is the year of responsive design!

A responsive WordPress theme will not only make your readers happy, but can potentially increase your Ad revenue and increase the affiliate sales!

In this article I've presenting 3 highly customizable WordPress themes! All the themes are brilliant! The designs are perfect and can be customized according to the needs! I've bought a few stuff myself and yes, I am in love with all of them! The Demo and Download links of all the themes are provided!

Sahifa: Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme

Remal: Pinterest type Responsive WordPress Theme

Good News: Responsive News Theme

#1 Sahifa: Best Premium WordPress Theme 2013

Sahifa Premium WordPress Theme
Sahifa Premium WordPress Theme

Endless Features

Drag and Drop Homepage Builder (This is large)

35 Custom Widgets

500+ Google Fonts

8 Page Templates

Unlimited Sidebars

Review System with Unlimited Styles

Schema Search Micro Data

Highly SEO Ready

Plus Plus Plus++

#1 Sahifa- Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme 2013

Rated #1 is this List, Sahifa is filled with abundance! It may take you up to three to four days to explore all the features of this wonderful WordPress theme!

Sahifa is truly a magical WordPress theme! A detailed look at the theme will make you feel the efforts the designer has taken to make it flawless. I personally found the design appealing and it is one of the best ThemesForest marketplace themes.

The best thing is Tielabs (maker of Sahifa) keeps on updating this theme with more features and refinements! This really doesn't makes the theme turn old from design and functionality perspective!

You can use this theme on your blogs! The design is such that it suits any blog! You can choose specific category background images to make the theme more expressive! This best WordPress theme of 2013 theme comes with a lot of colors and background templates!

Ready to braze Your Sahifa, see demo and Download

Demo and Download

You can see the top selling items at ThemesForest. A few themes are sold more than 10,000+ times! In order to find the top selling items at ThemeForest, go to the 'all files' tab on the top left and click on 'popular files' and you can see the weekly top sellers and three month top sellers!

Tens of thousands of bloggers and internet marketers rely on ThemesForest WordPress theme!

#2 Remal: Best Premium WordPress Theme 2013

Remal Responsive WP Theme
Remal Responsive WP Theme


28 Custom Widgets

Plus 9 Ad Widgets

70 Short codes

Responsive Layout

500+ Google Fonts

20+ Background Textures

SEO Ready

And Much Much more

#2 Remal - Responsive Magazine and Blog Theme 2013

Rated #2 in the list of best premium WordPress themes 2013, Remal suits a purpose beyond traditional blogging. It is best if you run a culinary blog or a music blog. It can also be a food blog, review blog or a fashion blog!

Remal is a Pinterest styled responsive WordPress theme with multiple homepage layouts and a truly unlimited color selection! The Theme is elegantly designed with a number of customizations which can simply make you feel wow! I love the professional look of Remal and the variety of customization it offers!

Demo and Download

Explore the features of Remal, enjoy and download Remal at an affordable cost!

#3 Good News: Best Premium WordPress Theme 2013

Good News Premium Responsive Theme
Good News Premium Responsive Theme | Source

Tons of Features

Responsive Design

500+ Google fonts

14 Footer Layout

20 Custom Widgets

Social Counter

Unlimited Shot Codes

Plus all Top Features

SEO Ready

Good News: The Best WordPress Theme of 2013

Rated #3 Good News is one of my all time favorite. The theme has wonderful SEO capabilities and is highly customizable!

GoodNews is suitable for any magazine blog. It is a simpler version of Sahifa. I only recommend Good News if you don't wish to opt for a highly feature rich theme. The theme is extremely serene with a lot of customizable features. Good News is updated periodically, so once again this theme won't really get old!

Design is totally your choice, Out of myriad of frameworks and themes, choosing a theme that suits your budget maybe a tough job! It is hard to choose a good theme amidst the crowd, and once done, I guess you should feel proud of yourself!

Just search the ThemesForest with the keyword"Good News" and you can find this awesome premium WordPress theme!

There are a lot more themes in the ThemesForest marketplace for you to choose! Remember, ThemesForest is the largest marketplace for WordPress themes and sells more than

Buying Themes from ThemesForest

ThemesForest is a marketplace where you can buy WordPress themes! It has an Alexa rank of ~180 and is 200 per cent legit. Here is a tutorial I prepared on how you can make a purchase on Themesforest, although, it's easy and anyone can do it will no help! In case, you need, feel free to check how to purchase a premium theme at Themesforest

Won't You Like to rate These Themes

3.7 out of 5 stars from 3 ratings of Overall Rating

More Exciting Themes for You

Have these themes made you full! Though Sahifa is my #1 recommendation, I have some more exciting themes only for you! While I prepare another list of well designed, SEO optimized, magical WordPress themes that can blaze your blogging ventures in 2013, I suggest you take a break! Don't forget to bookmark this article, as more is coming for you!

Thanks and have a great day ahead!


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