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Best Tailoring Sewing Machines Brands

Updated on February 5, 2011

Selecting a Sewing Machine

Are you a tailor or considering running a tailoring business, do you know the types of sewing machines that exist in the market for you to choose from, here is a list of brand sewing machines that are popular in the market to start your sewing business with.  When selecting a particular sewing machine brand there are so many factors to take into consideration include the following

  1. Type of tailoring business – are you going to start small tailoring business that will target repair only, if so you will need light duty sewing machines for your business. So it’s type of business that will also help determine what brand to go for
  2. Durability – how long are the life span of these particular sewing machines you are going for, these information can be research from people running tailoring business, you need to buy a sewing machine that will last for a long time without replacing it.
  3.  Cost – always check the cost of any particular sewing machine that you are going to buy, and before buying any brand you have selected, make sure that you compare prices from different store be it online or stores near you
  4. Availability – this will also affect the type of sewing machine to start your business with, you can only buy what is available in the market and this will greatly affect your choice of selection

The following are sewing machines brands and their features that will help you make decision when buying from a store

SmarTek sewing machines
SmarTek sewing machines
Singer Sewing Machines
Singer Sewing Machines

Singer Sewing Machines

This is one of the oldest sewing machine brand that have existed for so long in the market, Singer machine is a heavy duty machine , durable and available in many stores worldwide.

Here is a description from the manufacture. 10 Stitch Patterns -Automatic Needle Threader -SureFit Bobbin -NoError Threading -Automatic 4-step Buttonhole -StayBright LED Light -25 Year Limited Warranty

SmarTek sewing machines

This is also one of the brand that have been in the market and many people are using for their daily business with the following features, 2 Speeds high/low - Built-in light, Includes UL AC Adapter and Foot-pedal control also includes sewing accessories bobbins needles etc. and Can use standard spool of thread


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