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Best Websites To Get Public Domain Photos.

Updated on November 6, 2014

Note: sometimes there might not be a name provided of the the author of an image. Then you should only write the name of the website in the image source, and list that the picture is a public domain photo.

A Good Picture Is A Writer's Best Friend

If you are a writer, and you are struggling to get some relative photos for your content, then you are at the write place. Brace yourself, because your picture-finding trouble should be gone after reading this article.

A good picture always helps a writer gain more views, and also people gets attracted to a good picture, and they will follow you to check your newest images. Although the images you will provide, are not yours, and you cannot edit them, or modify them as it is against the public domain license's rule, but you can still attract more visitors with them.

How to get a good picture: To get a good and relevant picture, you need to know a good public domain images website, which I will provide the link of later on.

How to use a public domain picture: To use a public domain photo, you can't just simply copy the photo from a website and paste it in your article, you need to give proper attribution and credits to the author of the image, so that you don't get a copyright strike on your article, which could result in removal of your article, and adsense not paying you for the revenue generated because of an illegal use of a picture.

How To Give Proper Attribution: To give proper attribution, you need to know who is the author of the public domain photo, which can be found underneath the photo. Once you know the name, you should give credits to the other like this :

"image source: "Name" via "Public domain picture's website address"


Show Me The Photos!

Now that you know how to correctly use a public domain picture in your writing, we can continue. I will give you links to some of the finest public domain/free pictures websites.

Disclaimer : I am not promoting any website and/or any affiliate link, I am just sharing my personal experience and am not earning a penny from any of the websites listed below.

1. Free Digital Photos : Free digital photos is by far, my favorite website to get public domain/free photos. You can get almost any type of picture from this website, and it's user-friendly interface will make it easy for anyone to use this website.

But there is still one tricky part in the website. When you choose a photo, and you want to download it, don't simply right click on it, and press save as, you will download the photo with a big watermark on it if you do so.

The right way to get a photo from this website is, to click on the "download" button on the right side of the screen. The button is so small that you might miss it, so look closely, after pressing on the button, you will be taken to another page, you must accept the terms and conditions there, although it is not necessary to enter your E-mail address, but you have to enter the Captcha, and then you can download the picture straight away without any watermark.

The best part of this website is that it has almost every category, and you can choose from thousands of choices, unlike many of the websites which only provide a certain type of pictures.

2. Wikimedia Commons : Wikimedia Commons is one of the largest public domain picture website. Although there might be a few photos which you can't use for free, but most of the images are free to use, you can see the license of an image underneath it.

Although this website it very popular and is vastly recommended, it still has some downs. The first one of them is that the interface is not user-friendly at all. You might not even see photos at all for the first time you use it, because of it complicated interface. The second problem is that the search option is not accurate of the website, you can't find an exact thing using the search feature, and it does gets annoying to find a category manually and then go to the subcategories. But apart from that, the website is wonderful and you can find pretty much every sort of picture in it.

3. Flickr Commons : Flickr Commons is a website created by Yahoo! Flickr Commons is one of the best picture sharing websites ever. It has a really user-friendly interface, and it also has provided us with the opportunity to sign up with them, and everyone gets free terabyte of space once the sign up is completed.

Flickr also has full High Definition pictures, making it even more wonderful. You can find any type of picture from Flickr, because it has been around from quite a few years now, and millions of people has contributed their pictures in the site, and all of them are Public Domain pictures. Flickr definitely is one of the best picture sharing website ever created.


Pixabay was founded back in 2010 in Germany, this website is one of the most popular public domain picture source throughout the whole internet. It is very popular among writers because the pictures available on this website are amazing and are in full High Definition.

Pixabay supports up to 20 languages, so writers who are not fluent in English and write in other languages can also very easily access this website. The pictures provided in Pixabay are from passionate photographers throughout the world.

Pixabay is relatively new as compared to other public domain picture providers but we have to admit, they are dominating in their field. The pictures they provide can barely be found in any other website because of the amazing quality of the pictures and tremendously great photography.

This is an example of amazing photos found in Pixabay.
This is an example of amazing photos found in Pixabay. | Source

Thats All For Now

I could only put together 4 websites to get public domain pictures this time, but in future as I search more and get some more information, I will definitely put together a few other websites to help out all the writers in the world. Stay tuned till next time.


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