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Wedding Day Photography, how you and your photographer can prepare for the best moment in your life.

Updated on January 20, 2016

The big day has finally arrived! Everything looks great, seems to be in place, dress on point, tux on point, wedding venue on point! And you expect some awesome photographs of your wedding! Here are a few tips for those who are hiring a wedding photographer and for first time photographers who are doing their very first wedding!

Communication is key!

1. Communicate with the bride and groom how they will be walking down the aisle. Whether it be fast, slow, or if there is dancing/running involved. I did not communicate this to my first wedding, low and behold I had people dancing and walking down the aisle so fast I missed 80 percent of the shots! I hate to admit it, but it happened!

2. Photographer, also attend one of their rehearsal sessions so you have an idea of how the whole aisle scene is done.

3. Communicate whether or not the bride and groom should make an announcement for others to put their cameras away and let the photographer do their job OR make a friendly announcement to guests to try and not get in front of the photographer. This scene happens too much, there are times when the photographer is trying to get a shot and someone ends up walking right in front of them with their digital camera or cell phone. I understand guests want in on the photos and sometimes, most of their pictures turn out to your liking! In my opinion, I would not prohibit guests to use their cameras, instead, I would kindly have the bride team announce that there will be a photographer at their wedding and be mindful of the photographer.

4. Make sure the wedding team and the photographer are clear on the maximum numbers of hours the photographer will be there for. A lot of the times, photographers don't communicate this and end up staying way too long. Thus having the wedding photographer hangover the next day.

5. If you're a sole shooter for the wedding, ask if the bride and groom would like a second shooter and discuss the benefits of having a second shooter. If they want a second shooter, you will have to up the rate for your sole shooter package in order to compensate the second shooter's time and make sure they understand.

6. Bride and groom, if your photographer is staying for 3 hours or more, please feed them. Photographers need to eat in order to stay energized for the rest of the wedding. And you can discuss between yourselves whether to eat in between break periods, before or after. We are not robots.

7. Photographer, be thoughtful of your surrounding and be presentable. This will also be your chance to market yourself. And you market yourself by being professional, presentable, patient, approachable and capturing great pictures. Who knows, there might be a soon to be engaged couple that is attending the wedding who may be interested in your skills.

8. Discuss whether or not you need the photographer during your reception and if it would exceed the maximum hours of the time agreed on. Photographer will need to prepare for dark room and party lights to capture the dancing moments!


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