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Photoshoot of a Tickell's Blue Flycatcher

Updated on April 13, 2017
Most Camera Friendly Bird : Tickell's Blue Flycatcher - Male
Most Camera Friendly Bird : Tickell's Blue Flycatcher - Male

Bird Song

A constant chirping of a bird song brought me out in to the open backyard of my house. I was on a short trip to my native and was enjoying every bit of it. Away from the usual traffic and crowd, the concrete jungle, here I was in the arms of Nature. The usual scene of traffic jam and pollution, people running around in quest of reaching their destination, the every bit of fast paced city life was nowhere to be seen. Though the town was on its course of being developed just like a city, still there was enough paucity in the air.

Tickell's Blue Flycatcher at close distance, singing and chirping...

Identifying the Bird

Being an avid birder, whenever I am sitting out in an open area, I inquisitively look up and around towards trees and branches in search of any winged beauty. So coming back to that sound of bird song, I immediately went out looking for the bird. The next moment, I saw a sapphire blue colored bird perched on a branch of a small plant at a height of some 5-6feet from the ground. It was a Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher and I could recognise it because I had seen this bird species during a birding trip to Ganeshgudi – a birding hotspot in North Karnataka. You can read the account of my travel to Ganeshgudi in my earlier hub linked here ( ). I was at some 15 feet distance from this bird and instead of bringing my camera and clicking photographs; I kept looking and observing him. I can call it as Him because I knew that the bird was a Male Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher as this bird species exhibit sexual dimorphism in which male and female are different in appearance.

Favorite Perch

So he was quite fond of that particular branch and it kept returning to perch on that branch every now and then. Every time he returned to that branch, I use to reduce the distance between myself and the bird by a foot or two. Within couple of days, he became quite use to my presence around and was not bothered me being there. This was the time when I had to take few good photographs. Next evening, he came and perched on that particular branch, I carried my camera and came at a close distance of some 5-6 feet. He remained at its perch and was chirping and singing. And I quickly took some nice photographs of Him. On such next encounter I even took a video of the bird from my mobile phone. He was that friendly and trusting my presence that he was ready to let me come close at touching distance.

Enjoy the photographs. Let me know your views about the photographs and the blog.


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