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Black And White Scrapbooking Come Alive

Updated on February 13, 2012
Final product with a stand
Final product with a stand

I found out about scrapbooking few months ago. This is through a scrapbooking layout class from a deal site. After I went for the class, I was addicted to scrapbooking.

Not having done many pieces, I decided to try a Black and White scrapbooking for my salsa theme piece. This piece was a present for one of my salsa friend’s house warming party. The reason I chose Black and White is because all of us from this salsa group has stopped learning salsa, we still hang out but we are slowly moving to different directions in our life. Hence, what we have will gradually turn into a memory. Memories are something which is store and remembered when we look back on, we might not remember everything but we won’t forget the best times.

Again through the power of Facebook, I gathered the photos I needed. Firstly, I chose a group salsa picture taken in the salsa studio but since not everyone from the group was in this photo, I went through everybody’s Facebook photos, choosing the one photo they looked best in or had a style of their own.

12x12 black and torn orchestra patterned scrapbooking paper.
12x12 black and torn orchestra patterned scrapbooking paper.
Triangle opening
Triangle opening

The background

Other than having it Black and White, I wanted to give it the ‘old look’ as well. I started with a black colour 12x12 scrapbooking paper and chose the orchestra patterned paper from 7gypsies to layer it on top, but before doing that, I slowly tore off the sides of the orchestra paper. Then I used Tim Holtz’s ‘Vintage Photo’ distress ink and a triangular facial sponge to ink the sides of the paper. After, I tore 2 deep lines, making it have a triangle opening in which can see back of the orchestra patterned paper which in a dark brown background with white orchestra notes and the black base paper.

Group salsa photo
Group salsa photo

The group photos

The group photo was used as another layer on top of the orchestra patterned paper. I converted the coloured photo into Black and White using Picasa, then printed out 2 group photos, 1 bigger than the other. I crumpled the bigger group photo tore piece into 4 pieces and added Tim Holtz’s ‘Vintage Photo’ distress ink to the sides of both paper and the remaining onto each of 4 pieces torn paper. You can see that the ink colour goes onto the crumpled lines. After, I just pasted the 4 piece torn paper and have the smaller group photo in the middle.

The frame
The frame

The frame

As I decided to make it as a display framed scrapbooking, I used another black colour 12x12 scrapbooking paper, but this time I used it as the border. On the top left hand corner I made a triangle as I wanted to put salsa wordings. On the right bottom corner, I chose a sexy couple dance pose to be place there. I printed out the picture, cut it out and stuck it to the back then followed the outline using a blade.

Oval picture
Oval picture

Individual profile photos

I wanted the photos in an oval shape and I actually learnt something new from this that I never knew. All you need is to insert an oval AutoShape from Microsoft Words, select picture tab under fill effect, under fill colour and under format AutoShape, then select the picture you want to use. The best part about this is that you can use this function with any AutoShape you desire.

Top - Left
Top - Left
Top - Right
Top - Right
Finish product
Finish product

Combining it all together

I didn’t exactly plan it to be how it turned out to be but rather go with the flow and feeling at that moment. I will write about what I remembered doing but may have missed out a few things since I didn’t keep track of the process.

Firstly, I arranged the individual profile photos to what looks good to me. Then I decided to have more layering, there are actually a lot of layering in this piece. If I can remember, the 1st layer was a double sided foam tape, 2nd layer was another layer of double sided foam tape, 3rd layer a rather thick foam like board (about half a Styrofoam board thickness), 4th layer another layer of double sided foam tape and lastly the frame.

The individual profile photos are in different layers and using different technique:-

Top – I used a brownish string after the 2nd layer and let it dangle down at different levels, then stuck the photo in front of the string, behind it having another hard paper to add some weight to it. The effect of this is that the photos could swing left and right.

Middle – Basically just sticking onto the base, some with double sided tape and some with the double sided foam tape.

Bottom – I used a brownish string after the 3rd layer and hooked it from the border to the sexy couple dance pose. Then place the photos on top the string, similarly, paste another hard paper behind to make stay at a permanent position.

It felt abit dull to me, so I added some gold ribbons to brighten up the whole thing. I printed 2 sets of ‘SALSA’ wordings in black. 1 with shadows of sexy woman poses behind the words in grey and 1 just the wordings. I outline the one with just the wordings with a gold ink pen. I stuck the 1 with the shadow on the top left corner of the frame where the triangle is.

I then decided to have a layer of protection to it, so I added the plastic wrap which you use to preserve food, it was not long enough (less than 12 inches). Hence, I did 2 layers across each other. It had the lines to it but it seems to work for this piece. Then using the scraps of the orchestra pattered paper, I stuck it along the border on the unwanted line and then stuck the salsa word with gold outlining on top of the other salsa word.

Lastly, behind it, I wrote “ Through salsa, came friendship, joy and laughter. Though we part our separate ways, there memories will always remain. ”


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    • lilingz profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Malaysia

      wow, didn't know it was around 4 awhile already.

    • worksmart18 profile image


      6 years ago

      I enjoyed doing this during my teenage years.

    • pooilum profile image


      6 years ago from Malaysia

      Very Creative!!!! Please share more information!


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