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Blender 3D Modeling and More

Updated on November 7, 2015

What is Blender 3D Software?

Blender 3D is an open-source software package that is comparable to similar Adobe products; however it’s FREE. With Blender you can model characters, use the video sequencer to compose movies, and animate just about anything you can imagine.

Popular Twitter and Google + hash-tags for Blender --> #b3d

Blender Tutorials

I started using Blender about three months ago. At first glance I thought I would never learn all the ins and outs, but thanks to some usefully YouTube "Blender Tutorials" I was able to achieve the following:

  • Creating Intros and Endings for my videos post to YouTube
  • Creating Banners and Thumbnails pictures
  • Modeling and Animating Characters
  • Producing a Short Kid’s Animation

Learning How To Use Blender The Free 3D Modeling Software

Here Are Some Of the Thumbnail Images I Have Created With Blender

The video above highlights what I was able to learn in 90 days. Before using Blender 3D to compose my videos for YouTube I used Movie Maker. Movie Maker is also FREE but very limiting in what you can do. With Blender I’m able to produce higher quality end products.

In the opening of the video I key-framed the earth to rotate on the Z axis to create the spinning motion. I also key-framed the text the fly into the scene. The background is not a picture. I use the node editor to create the world atmosphere.

Throughout the video I used the video sequencer to import past video into the current project. The dices used in the video are 3D models and animated with the collision and rigid body tools.

View My Work Created With Blender

Below are a few of my projects created with the free animation software, Blender. I will list the tools I used to create each:

NeverNever Was - Created with Blender

Blender Tutorials - NeverNever Was

Featured Tools - Use these search terms to learn how to use the following tools and features in Blender.

  • Particle Systems
  • Texture
  • Shape Keys
  • Key-Frame
  • Sapling Add-On
  • Gem Add-On

This video is full of color. I used texture on the mountains and for the stone walk-path. To create the stone walk path I used the particle system. The particle system tool in Blender allows you to duplicate objects. In this video I grouped about 4 modeled stone giving them different shapes and textures to create the stone walkway.

I use the Sapling add-on to create the trees. I only created one then duplicated the rest and move them to different location throughout the scene. I also used the particle system tool to create the grass.

The sky was created using "images as plain". However, I have learning how to create a sky using the node editor, see below for more information. I modeled the box which contains the gems and crystals. I started with a cube until I achieved the desired shape. The gems in the box was created using the gem add-on. Tip -- to get the glass look, change the hardness factor in the material panel to about 400.

The colored balls in this video are animated. I key-framed each ball and the red carpet throughout the video. I also modeling the time machine and key-framed it as well.

Blender allowed me to import the voices then I used the shape keys to animate the rock talking. (See below -- There's an easier way to animated talking).

Modeling My First Character In Blender

Blender Tutorials - My First Chacter

Featured Tools

  • Sapling Add-On
  • Text
  • Baked F Curves
  • Cloth

In this video I used the tree (sapling) tool to create the trees and the bushes. I modeled the building and the character. This is my first human character. When modeling the building I started with the cube. After I achieved the desired shape I used the text feature for the sign on the building. The text is illuminated by using a feature found in the material panel.

I used the particle system feature to create the grass. In this video I key-framed the camera zooming in and out.

The character is animated with an armature (bones). Instead of using shape key for the mouth moving I used a new technique called "Baked F Curve". The baked F curve feature is found in the Graphic Editor Node.

The shawl that the character is wearing is cloth, using the cloth feature. Tip -- to keep clothing on the character, parent it to the character and the armature.

More Projects Created With Blender


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