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DIY Do It yourself Plans Make It Yourself And Save

Updated on October 4, 2010

DIY Plans Do It Yourself Make Things You Need

Do it yourself is the best way to go when you want something special. Using your own hands you can make the things you need and save plenty money. Very frequently the saving in cost is large and quite often build it yourself is really the only way to obtain the item you want.

DIY plans are available for almost every kind of item on the internet nowadays.The cost ranges from absolutely free to quite expensive. Very often a website which offers free plans will offer these along with many other paid plans or on a website which exists on advertising for revenue. Often free plans will not be up to date or of good quality. However you may find some exceptions to this. Check this out by doing a google search for the item you want.

DIY plans are to be found in magazines such as woodworking,science,mechanical and crafts publications to name a few. Current issues of these magazines present plans which are quite up to date and modern. It is fairly unlikely that you will find the plan for any specific item which you are looking for. For this you will have to go into back issues of the magazines and do a search for the plan you need. This brings up the difficulty of availability of these old magazines. Public libraries are a very good source for back issues as in many instances they keep bound volumes of early magazines which were of public interest.

You may often locate bound volumes of mechanics type magazines from the nineteen fifties and later and perhaps of even earlier dates. These old magazines are an excellent source for plans.

Early magazines before 1964 are nearly all copyright expired and their contents are in the public domain.This means that these plans can be copied or reprinted by anyone for any purpose. Before 1964 US copyrights were granted for a 28 year term. This copyright was required to be renewed during the 28th year or the copyright on the material expired and it entered the public domain.These copyrights could not be renewed subsequent to the 28th year. As a result any public domain material cannot be copyrighted either by the original author,publisher or any other person.

Most of these magazines intended to publish this material just once so no copyright renewals were made on most of this type of material. The articles and plans in such publications which were published prior to 1964 are nearly all in the public domain and are therefore available for any use by anyone.

Magazines of this genre include,Science and Mechanics,Popular Mechanics,Mechanix illustrated and Popular Science to name just some of them. This is the reason that old plans from these publications are widely available on the internet for sale or in some instances free. The greatest difficulty for anyone searching for a specific plan is to first locate a suitable plan and then to find the magazine it was published in. This is not usually easy to do so it is often simpler to buy the plan from a seller rather than to use up a great deal of time trying to find a free copy. Take a look at my blogs

Do It Yourself And Save

Easily Built Plywood canoe
Easily Built Plywood canoe

Cut Glass With Scissors--Quite Amazing


It sounds crazy and hard to believe till you have tried it yourself but you can cut glass into all kinds of shapes with an ordinary scissors. Make circles,odd shapes for stain glass art and any other shape you want.

The secret is to cut the glass underwater.You can make replacements for a flash light lens,a meter cover or a mirror just by cutting it underwater with a scissors. The reason that this works is that the water apparently deadens vibrations which would otherwise shatter the glass.

Do not use the bathtub or kitchen sink because splinters may be left behind. Use a plastic basin or something similar that will allow you to cut the glass under at least 2 inches of water. Use a rugged pair of scissors or a tinsnips with plenty of cutting power. You may have to sharpen the blades with a carborundum stone as you go. If you place a layer of paper in the bottom of the basin it will be easy to remove the glass splinters without endangering your fingers.

Tell someone you are off to cut some glass and show them the scissors--look out for the laughter.

See my eBay store for lots of good DIY ideas and plans:

Do It Yourself

DIY--is it a good way to get the things you want

See results

Build The Things You Want And Save.

In my eBay store I sell DIY plans for hundreds of different projects. The plans I sell are mostly from the 1950-60 era or older. They are copyright expired and in the public domain. This means that anyone can reprint them for any purpose since there is no copyright.

These plans were first published in magazines from this period. The magazine owners allowed the copyrights for this material to expire siince they did not intend to publish it more than once. These old magazines are a treasure trove of projects for the do it yourselfer.

You can find plans for pretty well any kind of item you could ever desire. We have accumulated a large number of these copyright expired plans and they can be found in our eBay store.




Make Your Own Wedding Cake

Make Your Own Potting Soil

 Here are some  "recipes" for making your own potting soil and seedling soil mixes:

Seedling Soil Mix For Sowing In Plastic Flats

2 parts peat moss

2 parts compost

1 part prewetted vermiculite


Soil Based Classic Potting Mix

1/3 garden topsoil

1/3 well rotted compost or leaf mold

1/3 sharp sand


Mix For Pots And Baskets

6 parts peat moss

3 parts topsoil

1 part perlite or vermiculite

For each cubic yard of this mix add 5 pounds lime and 3 pounds dolomitic lime

A cubic yard is a box 3 feet deep and 3 feet square or a pile of similar dimensions.


Bedding Plant Soil Mix

2 parts peat moss

1 part compost

1 part perlite or vermiculite

In making these mixes 1 part could be a bucketful,a barrowful,a shovelfull etc. Mix all the material together very well to get a uniform mix.


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