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Btoy | Street Artist Biography

Updated on May 19, 2013

Iconic Woman

About Btoy

Btoy is a street artist whose work is primarily created with various techniques including; acrylic painting, spray painting, stencil making, and others. Btoy was born in 1977 in Barcelona, Spain. Born Andrea Michaelsson, Btoy has set the example for many young artistic women who have hesitated taking their work to the streets.

Btoy began her artistic career during her studies and education at the Institute of Photographic Studies of Barcelona. However, she did not get involve in the street art movement until about 2002. She then quickly realized her passion for working on a variety of art mediums. By testing and working around her art, she soon began to experiment with stencils. She is currently very devoted to her street art work.

Her work is often described to be with extreme fine points and lines, often creating very detailed stencils. Admirable and desirable, each piece is able to take us back in time to an iconic moment. They often portray the importance of women and famous portraits. She is also very fond of integrating images from the early to mid 1900s in her stencil art.

There have been few street art artists who have been able to set new boundaries defined through artwork and accomplishments- even less are women. Btoy continues to amaze the world with her artwork and hard work.

Btoy Stencils

Btoy Timelapse Art Video

BTOY "Beautiful transgressions" / Esece Gallery

Esece Gallery is glad to present “Beautiful transgressions”, an exhibition of the most recent works on paper by urban artist Btoy. In “Beautiful transgressions”, she explores personality portraits of visionary women from the 20th and 21st centuries who challenged convention, traditions and stereotypes.

From historical notables such as La Pasionaria, Marlene Dietrich or Simone de Beauvoir to contemporary figures like Susan Sontag, Kiki Smith or Pussy Riot, this fascinating series of works pays tribute to women who have left their mark in the fields of the arts, politics, philosophy and gender equality.
She has exhibited at galleries in Barcelona, London Paris and Los Angeles; and she has participated in many live shows as “The Cans Festival”, in London.


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