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Build A Website - How to Choose a Domain Name

Updated on July 13, 2011


This is STEP 2 Name Your Website in the series BUILD A WEBSITE

But before you proceed, have you decided on the theme of your website? If not, please visit STEP 1 Build a Website - How to Decide on a Unique Niche

The next step is to work out the name of your website, i.e. your domain name. What is a domain name, you ask? What is a website name? Check it out here.

Let's proceed with STEP 2 below!

Copyright May PL 2010 - 2011. To obtain permission to use image, please contact May PL.
Copyright May PL 2010 - 2011. To obtain permission to use image, please contact May PL.

STEP 2 Name Your Website

How to choose a domain name? Start brainstorming! Try many different combinations of memorable and legible words or phrases to make up your domain name. Come up with good names for websites that are related to your core business or content. You would want one that is memorable, e.g.

Long or short names?
There is a bit of difference of opinions on this matter. I am of the thought that it does not quite matter either way. The main point is that the name is memorable and easy to spell.

Hyphenated or not?
The disadvantage is that it is difficult to remember to type a hyphen especially when the words are not naturally hyphenated. The advantage is that search engines actually do recognise your keywords better and this could rank your site up higher.

Please stay away from initialising your business name, e.g. for Maypacific Imaging. I understand and agree that is short but is it easily remembered by those who are not in the know? If you are a massive company with big advertising dollars to educate your customers, e.g. HP for Hewlett Packard, then using it would generally not pose a problem. I believe it is easier for the general public to recall than

.com, .net, org or .info?
.com if yours is a business, located in US or international. if yours is a business and located in Australia
.net is an alternative to .com if .com is unavailable
.org if yours is an organisation
.info if yours is an information based site

I hope the above have given you a few ideas as to how to pick a domain name. The main idea is for you to get that domain name before you start work on your website.

To now learn to register your domain name, let’s go to …

STEP 3 Register Your Domain Name


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