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Bundle of Love knitted newbie booties and cap

Updated on September 13, 2014
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Mary's hubs are inspired by her many hobbies and love for the Lord. She loves writing, art, photography, crafting, and being a grandmother.

Bundle of Love Knitted Newbie cap and booties!
Bundle of Love Knitted Newbie cap and booties! | Source

I wanted to share this pattern that I knitted for some time now. It's easy and does not use very much yarn. You can probably whip up a pair of these booties and cap at one sitting, during a good movie of course. I have knitted these for many little ones in my years, and have also donated them to the Pregnancy Care Clinic here in our community, they just love them. This is a free clinic for mothers to be who do not have the means to purchase many clothes for their newborns, so it is a blessing to be able to give these away to them.

If you have been knitting for some time now, this will be such an easy pattern to follow. But if you are new to knitting it still is an easy pattern just follow along carefully. I have even added a video for learning the basics in knitting if you need a refresher course. Even after knitting for years I find myself having to be reminded of some things. To knit these little cuties I used a very soft baby yarn and used two strands to complete the project. I found that using two made them extra soft and warmer for the babies.

So, here are the instructions. I know you will be excited to make these and excited to give them away as well. Another fun idea is to make these and then drop them off at your local thrift shop for them to sell at very reasonable prices. Another cool idea is to make these in both of course the pink and blue, even in variegated colors and keep on hand, because you never know when you are going to need a set to give to someone in the family, just saying!

So whatever your plans are for these adorable warm cap and booties - the recipients will be so blessed as well.


This is what you will need:

Any type of soft baby yarn will work for this project, just remember to use (2) strands!


  • Soft baby yarn (1 skein)


  • Size 4 knitting needles
  • Plastic sewing needle

Here are the instructions..........


  1. Cast on 67 stitches using 2 strands of yarn. You will do this throughout.
  2. Knit 2, Purl 2 for approximately 14 rows or 2" in length
  3. Next 14 rows knit all stitches until piece measure approximately 3-1/2" in length.
  4. Begin decrease: Knit 1, knit 2tog to end - do this for 4 rows until you have approximately only 8 stitches remain on needle. Remove needle and pull yarn through the 8 stitches tightly and tie off.
  5. Sew the sides of the cap with the plastic sewing needled and tie off. Make pompom and sew to the top as shown on the photo. That's it.


  1. Cast on 17 stitches using 2 strands of yarn.
  2. Knit 5, Purl 1, Knit 5, Purl 1, Knit 5 for approximately 11 rows.
  3. Knit 1, Purl 1, for 11 more rows.
  4. Tie off and pull yarn through to make the tow shape. Use the plastic needle to sew up the front part of the bootie to just about the 1st full knitted row area. Be sure to check the photo for the approximate area to stop sewing.
  5. Sew the backside of the bootie, tie off. Make two small pompoms and tie to the front of each bootie. There - you are finished, cute as can be.

Easy Peasy Crochet Purple Scarf
Easy Peasy Crochet Purple Scarf | Source

Thank you for reading my hub hope you will share this hub with all your knitter friends!

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