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Business Card - Business Card Templates

Updated on May 11, 2011
Cut Out Logo
Cut Out Logo

Business Card Design

I was researching before I left for my travels and discovered that business card design is a massive keyword in terms of monthly searches and so I decided to write a hub that included some of the best business card templates that I found whilst looking on Flickr.

Since I graduated in Graphic Design myself I will give a run through of each design and tell you why I would choose it as my own business card or why I would not choose it. I will also give advice on where to get free business cards, how to make business cards and the cheapest business cards.

  • The business card above looks stylish when it is placed on a light coloured surface because the cut out logo stands out due to the dark colour of the cardboard, however this would not be effective 100% of the time while being used in the office space, also the cut out logo makes the card weaker and since the logo is large it is vulnerable to creases.

Photo courtesy of aubergene

Business Card Online

There are many places to order business cards online, the owner of the cards above purchased his at MOO printer.

  • This business card works well with the cartoon illustration on one side because people like to have fun things to look at to catch their attention, however you have to be careful that people get the right idea about what your business does. He has also included a logo with an anchor and combined with the sailer this could give the impression that his company operates a boat hire instead of a design firm which he runs.

Photo courtesy of strandell

Cheapest Business Cards

Some of the cheapest business cards are the ones that use only text and less high resolution photography, text requires only block colours and less tone so ink costs are cheaper but if you can choose from a wide range of serif or sans serif typefaces to make business cards stand out.

  • I like the way this business card has used various sizes of typefaces in a post modern design, also the illustration on the reverse is simplistic but still captures your attention.

Photo courtesy of anniemole

Design Business Cards

If you plan to design business cards why not think of the whole presentation, by this it could be the manner in which they are distributed.

  • I like the idea of this business card because it is slim lined to fit in a vintage chewing gum tin, after a business meal the owner can offer a gum but capture the clients attention with his antique initially.

Photo courtesy of pathfinderlinden

Business Card Sample

  • This is a favourite business card sample of mine because I believe the bold use of a facial image establishes trust with the client immediately, also the sepia tone helps to keep costs low.

Photo courtesy of goblinbox

Make Business Card

Another way you can get your client to engage with your business card is to make it interactive

  • This kind of clever design initiative has taken the concept of measurement and allowed the user to create an accurate calliper measuring device by folding the card in places. I checked out and it is an interesting science based site that featured a helium balloon expedition into space with on board camera's.

Photo courtesy of alikins

Free Business Card

Many Business Card Printers will offer a free business card holder along with 250 free business cards but this should be seen only as a introduction offer because 250 cards don't go far especially when a large percentage of people will lose your card.

  • I personally don't like the business card pictured above because it is made from sand paper and although this may be seen as individual it will also have an unpleasant texture for the client. I imagine it was designed for a handyman but even so not many people will like to keep in their wallet because it could scratch credit cards.

Photo courtesy of yuichirock

Cheap Business Card

  • Everybody will love this business card because it is made from chocolate but is definitely not for those looking to buy cheap business cards! I found one website that only delivers 250 bars and each bar costs $3!

Photo courtesy of googlisti

Business Card Template

  • Here is my favourite business card of them all, I say this because I like the urban character they have included. It will receive a great response from young people because the artwork is iconic and cool to keep posted in your surroundings.

Photo courtesy of duanebrown

Business Card Print

  • Finally I decided for my last business card template I would include this great landscape photographed one. Once again, photography can be striking and offers a realistic image of the service on offer.

Photo courtesy of duanebrown


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