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Buy A Terramundi Pot online

Updated on February 27, 2010


Terramundi money pots have been hand made in Italy for thousands of years and they have used the same design which stands out today.The idea with these money pots is that you put a coin in that is provided with the money pots and fill in the paper slip with your wish and pop that in too,then you feed the money pot with either gold or silver coins until such time as its full then smash it and make the wish as you do then spend the money inside on whatever your heart desires,Me personally i fill it with folded up notes as well as it stops me spending them and when i smash it open i usually have about £500 in there,which i can spend on myself.They are brilliant as without one i would definitely be dipping in and out of my savings as i tend to do when i need a pint of milk or a loaf of bread or 8 beers!!!!.They are available in shops but are also available online at a cheaper price and in a lot more weird and wonderful designs and colours,you can even have yours personalised if you wish.

Terramundi Pot


The money pots are all hand made and there are literally thousands of different designs from ones for men,ones for women,ones for baby's.They make ideal gifts for weddings as if like ours you were getting people to donate towards your honeymoon get a personalised money pot and simply place in a corner of the room and let people donate their money in to it.

Baby Terramundi Money Pots

Terramundi pots also make a really good gift for when someone you know has a baby,it can sometimes be hard to know what to buy someone who has probably had everything brought for them but i guarantee nobody has brought anything like this.Get it personalised with either the baby's name or just have baby written on the side put a small donation in and present to the mother so that they can continue to add to it and use it either to help them out when short of cash or to use to buy the baby nice gifts.


There are certain milestones in your life when these terramundi money pots would also make a great gift,When you reach 18 years old,or 21 or 40 or 50,you get the picture,when you reach a milestone you usually want to make a small change in your life be it at 18 wanting your first car or at 21 wanting to go to university or college or at 50 wanting a bright red Ferrari,well a terramundi money pot although wont hold enough to get you anything but a toy Ferrari it is nice to be able to save up and feel part of something special.

Personal favourites

My personal favourite is the love heart version,they come in such an arrange of peaceful neutral colours that they will fit in perfectly anywhere in your home form the kitchen to the living room,i have two that are sandy coloured ones with hints of brown and gold which match perfectly the surrounding colours in my living room,and why do you have two i hear you ask well one is for me to put £2 coins and notes into to pay back some of my debts and the other one is a rainy day fund for whenever i feel the need to go splurging out of something i probably don't need,i fill this one with silver.If you fill them with silver they hold approx £200/$305 and if you fill them with gold coins they will hold approx £400/$610,if like me and you put notes in then i have had anything up to £600/$1000


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