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Buy Chain Maille Jewelry Kits Online

Updated on October 5, 2011

Chain Maille Jewelry Kits

 Chain Maille Jewelry kits are a great way to get started with this ancient art.

Chain maille is the art of linking metal rings together to form an almost impenetrable chain. It's original purpose was to provide body armour for soliders but over time the skill was also recognised for its beauty in it's own right.

By combining rings of metal together beautiful chain maille designs can be formed which make stunning and eye catching pieces of jewelry.

Making chain maille jewelry is definitely more complicated that ordinary bead work but if you're already familiar with the techniques of jewelry making, such as using jump rings and pliers, it can be a natural next step.

Midwest Products Chain Maille Silver Japanese 6-in-1 Bracelet Jewelry Kit
Midwest Products Chain Maille Silver Japanese 6-in-1 Bracelet Jewelry Kit

Using Chainmaille Jewelry Kits

This is not something to leap into for the first time with a 'hope for the best' attitude. Using one the available chain maille kits, such as below is highly recommended for your first few attempts.

Once you have learnt the techniques and your skills are honed you will be much more confident about going 'freestyle' and creating your own chainmaille designs.

Chain Maille Bracelet Kit

 This kit contains everything you need to create a beautiful 8", 6 in 1 japanese style bracelet.

As well as the metal rings and tools such as pliers that you will need to create your bracelet the kit also contains full chain maille jewelry instructions

Earring Making Kit

 This kit contains the materials and tools to create beautiful earrings which perfectly compliment the bracelet.

These stunning earrings would compliment any outfit and no doubt draw compliments from all who see them ~ just imagine that feeling of accomplishment when you tell people it was you who created them.


Chain Maille Necklace Kit

This necklace is a thing of beauty, looking deceptively simple until you get up close.

Measuring 18" this necklace manages to be delicate and graceful while retaining the distinctive and powerful look of chain maille.

The perfect project for a confident jewelry maker wishing to take the first step into chain maille work.

Chain Maille Books

 If you've been inspired to take your jewelry making one step further there are a host of books on the subject to choose from.

Learn about different techniques from the experts, try out different designs then put what you have learnt into practice and create your own, unique pieces.


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