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Crochet Doily Pattern Books by Patricia Kristoffersen

Updated on October 20, 2011

Looking For A Challenge?

I love to crochet, as it is very therapeutic. It's nice to fill waiting time with something productive, and crochet produces a variety of opportunities to create, ranging from practical to elegant, handmade pieces. If you have a passion for crochet, it's always fun to have a new pattern or material to work with. There is a constant trail of yarn and thread throughout the house, and perhaps you have multiple projects at various stages of production because you have so many interesting ideas.

Beautiful thread crochet doily patterns are a pet interest of mine, and I have earnestly worked at my doily making skills for the last 8 years, though I've crocheted for more than 30 years. I love to scour the internet for free patterns, but I also find pattern booklets nice to have on hand, as it's easy for a disorganized, creative soul like myself to misplace printouts. A few years ago, a relative recognized my passion for crocheting doilies, and gave me two of Patricia Kristoffersen's doily pattern books.

I was hooked! Pun intended! Both of the sets of patterns listed just below are full of intricate designs to create from thread. A couple of the beautiful doily patterns are repeated in both booklets, but there are several unique patterns, enough to justify owning both. These projects are challenging, by all means, but the resulting doilies are truly gorgeous.'s done!

Preparing my fair entry!
Preparing my fair entry!

Challenging and Beautiful

The books I have worked from are "Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies" and "The Best of Patricia Kristoffersen". Some of the patterns are in both books, but there are also a number of different crocheted doily patterns unique to one book or the other.

As the title suggests, the doilies in both books are absolutely gorgeous. The work is intricate, and definitely not for the faint of heart! I have done some of the patterns for our local fair, and have won blue ribbons every time I entered one of these doilies. The doily pictured on the covers of the booklets, particularly, challenged me, as I found myself losing count and re-doing rounds a number of times. This is primarily due to the fact that I was working the pattern while observing soccer and baseball practice for the kids. This isn't a mindless piece of work, and will require concentration, as the detail is intricate. You won't want to try to cover up an error, and the results will be worth the effort! I love simple work that doesn't require much attention, much better for the soccer mom moments, but I also love a challenge, and this is one of the prettiest challenges in the arena of crocheted doilies.

More Doily Pattern Booklets by Patricia Kristoffersen

99 Little Doilies (Leisure Arts #3228)
99 Little Doilies (Leisure Arts #3228)

Shorter projects, to get a feel for her work!


Texture and Dimension

Some of the beauty in these crochet doily patterns pertains to the combination of dimensional aspects, particularly with post stitches over areas of single crochet. Counting is essential, and it is highly useful to use a different colored thread to mark the start of a round, as this makes keeping counts easier.

Further, it is very helpful to pencil in notes as you go, checking off each round, and writing anything else you may want to remember for next time in the margins. Alternately, if you don't want to write in your book, you may want to employ sticky notes in order to keep information at hand.

You will want to make these patterns again, as they make lovely keepsakes and gifts!

Great Gift Idea For Your Favorite Crochet Artist

Speaking from experience, these booklets are great gifts for the crochet enthusiast in your life. They will glean years of enjoyment for a very small investment, and you may well be the recipient of some of their "Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies"!


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