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Buy HR Giger's Prints, Posters and Books

Updated on June 26, 2011

Slide Show HR Gigers Work

Bio-mechanical creatures populate desolate alien worlds full of tormented monoliths. Welcome to the artwork of the infamous HR. Giger, world renowned artist, architect, sculptur and oscar award winning set designer.

In HR Giger's work we see perhaps a bit of ourselves. It's what make's his working so disturbing and yet so alluring. It seems like he has managed to capture not only our future but perhaps even our present with our dependence and increasing integration with the mechanical. Check out the video slideshow on the right to see for yourself. 

About Giger and His Art

HR giger is a Swiss artist best known for his distorted surrealistic, biomechanical architetcture and set and creature design from the Alien movies. His work is both disturbing and intriguing. If you are truly a fan of HR Giger's work you can surely appreciate the intense emotion that each of his works captures. However, most people never fully grasp his vision because most of us have only seen his work on our computer screens or in books. However you can enjoy his work in your own home by purchasing a print or poster of some of HR Giger's most infamous work.

There is a huge volume of his work to choose from. From books to posters to calendars, all show the genius and forward thinking in his designs.

HR Giger Posters and Prints

The above portfolio features 12 poster sized prints of Gigers work. They are designed to be removed from their binding and can be put up as is in on your walls or framed.

Another more everyday option is the Giger Calendar. You can get a glimpse of his most famous artwork each month.

If you are looking for something more substantial then purchase one of the 3 books published by Giger. These hardbound books show hundreds of his drawings, sculptures and paintings. Some also include sketches and describe how Giger went about making his work and what exactly inspired him.

All three, the Necronomicon I and II as well as Biomechanics are beautiful and would make a great addition to any library of art books.

Thank you for reading. Leave comment if you love Giger's work. Also please check out some of my other articles located here at hubpages.


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