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Buy Horse Cross Stitch Kits Online

Updated on April 18, 2011

Horse Cross Stitch Kits for All Ages

Horse cross stitch kits are great for all ages and all abilities as they can suit everyone from those who are just beginning their cross stitch hobby, to those who are masters of the art.

Cross stitch is a form of needlepoint where pictures and designs are made by using a series of stitches in the form of a cross. It's quite an easy technique to pick up so is good for both beginners and experts and is also very portable making it a great hobby to carry around with you ~ perfect for the commute.

Horses make lovely subjects for cross stitch projects and there are a wide variety of designs to choose from such as carousel horses, pretty ponies and mares and foals.

There are everything from small kits which are perfect for children up to 22" wide masterpieces which deserve to be framed on completion.

Horse Cross Stitch Patterns for Children

When children first start out with cross stitch they need something that is both easy to do and has a picture they like. Which makes horse cross stitch patterns a great choice as children and horses have had a affinity for years.

The sweet little kits below come with full instructions and to make it even easier both Darcy the Dappled Pony and Polly Palomino come on printed fabric (on both these patterns it is just the pony who is cross-stitched, not the background).

Horse Pals and Mares and Foals

Some of the most charming horse cross stitch designs are those which involve mares and foals or 2 horses who are obviously friends.

Though more suited to the more experienced cross stitcher there is no reason these cannot be completed by a beginner once they have they hang of counting stitches.

These charming pictures suit any horse lover and would make a great present, especially if the finished item had a short personal message and name added ~ it's the sort of thing that would make someones day.

Run Wild, Run Free - Horse Cross Stitch Patterns

These cross stitch kits capture the essence of the power of horses. 

From the towering white horses rising out of the sea's surf, to wild horses galloping in the sunset these patterns are both beautiful and challenging - much like their subjects.

Through cross stitch you can capture these glorious moments forever.

Carousels, Shire, Rocking Horses and the Rest

From shire horses working the land to fairground carousels and rocking horses, there are many other cross stitch designs out there waiting to be completed.

Plus there are plenty of cross stitch books to give you patterns and more ideas. These are great if you want inspiration to start creating your own patterns as you add various aspects together to create something unique.


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