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Buy Rubber Stamps for Card Making Online

Updated on July 9, 2011

Rubber Stamps for Card Making Can Make Your Cards Unique

Using rubber stamps for card making is a great way to make your handmade cards unique.

Making handmade cards is a popular and rewarding hobby. But whether you make them purely for your own entertainment and to give cads to friends and family, or are viewing it as a business opportunity, you want a way to make your cards stand out ~ and using rubber stamps is a way to do this.

 Card Making stamps come in a huge range of designs from simple 'Happy Birthday' ones to complex compilations of twists and swirls which can be overlaid into beautiful intricate designs.

The same rubber stamp can be used over and over again, in a varity of different ways, changing the look of a card each time depending on the direction it's used, the color ink used with it, the type of card it's used on and the context ~ which means that unlike card embellishments which are a one use only item, the price of a rubber stamp can be spread over hundreds of handmade cards.

Happy Birthday Rubber Stamps

 Birthday rubber stamps are a great and easy way to get started with card making.

The choice of Happy Birthday Stamps is wide, from those with simple but stylish writing to humorous message and cute designs ~ all waiting for your individual style to be (forgive the pun) stamped on them.

Of course you're not limited to using your stamps for card making ~ you can decorate all manner of things with them from pictures to gift tags, so let your creative side out to play and get busy with your Birthday rubber stamps.

Animal Rubber Stamps

 Using animal rubber stamps is a great way to personalise handmade cards. There are some great designs for dog rubber stamps, cat rubber stamps and a whole host of other animals out there.

Make someone laugh with a 'Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are' stamp, or make someones day with a picture of a cute puppy. 

Clear Rubber Stamps

Clear rubber stamps give you much better precision when placing your stamp as of course you can see right through.

Other Useful Handmade Card Making Resources

Whether you're an old hand or new to the game it can always be useful to brush up on how to make handmade cards, and if you think you might want to take this further how about some tips on selling handmade cards. Plus it's always useful to know where to find cheap craft supplies.


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