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Buy a Digital SLR Camera Bag

Updated on March 15, 2011
Camera bag needed to carry the "big gun" for bird photography
Camera bag needed to carry the "big gun" for bird photography

Camera Bag Criteria

When you are out and about, traveling here and there, you will want a camera bag you can rely on to do its job flawlessly.

Let's say you take a trip to Orlando, and you will be visiting all the theme parks. There are so many shooting situations that you will need to change lenses for. Your camera bag is a very important piece of photography equipment.

Things to look for in a camera bag?

  • Easy to carry by hand or on your shoulder
  • Does not seem burdensome by weight or cumbersome because of its bulk
  • Easy to organize so that quick change is possible
  • Enough pockets and zippers to separate and protect lenses - keep them from hitting each other and causing damage.
  • Attractive

What Else Does a Good Camera Bag Offer

Camera bags and cases come in many sizes, shapes and configurations. Examine your equipment to decide how much space and how many compartments you need. It is important to make sure lenses and cameras do not come in contact with each other, causing scratches and possible breakage.

With that in mind, here are some additional features to look for in a camera bag:

  • Cinch straps to secure your equipment
  • Protective rain flap for weather protection
  • Foam pillars to protect and/or support your camera when lens is attached
  • Rigid, foam-padded platform in bag bottom to maintain the shape of the bag

Canon Camera Bag for DSLR cameras
Canon Camera Bag for DSLR cameras


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    • Thomas S Wendt profile image

      Thomas J. Wendt 4 years ago from 1117 Nixon Avenue Ohio City, OH 45874

      I liked you article, and I LOVE birds. I have been watching birds for 10 years. And they are wonderful creatures. Im new here on hubpages, but please stay tuned to watch my articles as I publish them :)