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Cross Stitch Needles - Size Does Matter

Updated on September 18, 2018
Make sure to choose the correct size needle for the aida stitch count.
Make sure to choose the correct size needle for the aida stitch count. | Source

Size Matters

When it comes to doing needlework size does matter. The size of your needle can make a cross stitch piece a beautiful work of art or a mess.

When stitching if your needle is too large for the hole it will pull, rumple, and generally make it hard for the aida cloth to lay flat.

If you use a needle in to small a size you will have a hard time pulling the needle to obtain the correct tension.

If you do not se the correct size needle you can end up with a puckered, pulled, uneven piece of needlework.

So you see, size does matter.

Needles and supplies
Needles and supplies | Source

Needles used for cross stitching

The most common type of needle used is a tapesty or embroidery needle.

Embroidery Needle

This needle has a smaller eye that will only hold a couple of strands of floss and a sharp pointed tip. This is the needle to use when making a French knot.

Tapestry Needle

This needle has a large eye capable of holding many strands of floss and a dull rounded tip that pushes the evenweave fabrics instead of piercing them.

Petite Tapestry Needle

This is a shorter needle which makes stitching go faster, there is less needle to pull through the fabric with each stitch.

Double-edge Tapestry Needle

It has eyes and is useful when using different type of flossblending different colors. This needle is not usually recommened for use by beginning cross stitchers.

Beading Needles

These are longer thinner needles that are great to use to add beads to your cross stitch piece. The tapestry and embroidery needles are both to large to go through many beads that you would use to embellish your cross stitch piece.

Size matters
Size matters | Source

Needle sizes

 You need to use the proper size needle for your cross stitch piece.  The larger the weave count the smaller the needle size.

Size 18 - 6 count aida cloth

size 20 - 8 count aida cloth

size 22 - 11 count aida cloth

size 24 - 14 count aida cloth

size 26 - 16 count aida cloth

size 28 - 18 count or larger aida cloth

With the right size needle you can stitch anything.
With the right size needle you can stitch anything. | Source

Where to buy your cross stitch needles online

 Cross Country Stitching

This website webstore offers a good selection of needle types and sizes.  It even offers a Twin Pointed Cross Stitcher Needle.  This needle os for the more experienced cross stitcher.  It has rounded tapestry points on both ends and a large eye in the middle.  It comes in size 24 and 26.

They also have petite tapestry needles, regular tapestry needles and gold tapestry needles in a full range of sizes.

ABC Stitch

They offer gold plated tapestry needles, petite tapestry needles and  platinum tapestry needles in a full range of sizes.

123 Stitch

This webstore offers double eye tapestry needles, embroidery needles, regular tapestry needles, petite tapestry needles and gold tapestry needles all in a wide selection of sizes.

Cross Stitch Treasures

They offer tapestry and petite tapestry needles in a limited selection of sizes.

Amazon and eBay

As always they carry a great selection of needle types and sizes.  It's the first place I look.

Show your love of cross stitching
Show your love of cross stitching | Source

I'm itching to be stitching! ~Author Unknown

© 2009 Susan Hazelton


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    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile imageAUTHOR

      Susan Hazelton 

      9 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Beau thanks for the tip, I'll use it in the future.

    • profile image

      Beau Dotson 

      9 years ago

      I've found you can buy direct from the Sewing Needle manufacturer for an amazing choice at a great price and they ship international too. I buy mine in bulk and share them with my local group.

      I lost count on the variety of cross stitch needles they stock!

      John James Needles -


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