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Updated on February 11, 2018


It is always nice to receive gifts; this time she was filled with more anticipation than usual, because the gift was not store-bought – it was a quilt, hand-stitched for a special guest, as it is customary in Kazakhstan.

She awaited the package impatiently; the day finally came – in the morning, while taking out the trash, she noticed the mail delivery vehicle pull up. The gate squeaked. Her husband started to rise from the bed, but she was already at the door, signing for her parcel.

She eagerly unfolded the wrapping paper and glimpsed a gorgeous splash of color - the quilt “spoke out.”

She wondered why the master chose this particular color scheme. She arranged the quilt carefully over the back of the living room couch, quietly taking in its beauty. Her husband liked the quilt, but was surprised by its size.

She had to explain the purpose of the quilt – it was not for covering someone in bed, but rather for sitting on while inside a yurt.

A note was quickly sent to the master regarding the meaning of the pattern. Meanwhile, she pondered the hidden meaning of the ornament and the colors chosen by the needlewoman.

Acquainted with the ethnography of Kazakhstan, she could not find anything ethnic in the ornament of the quilt; she began interpreting as much as she could on her own: the center ornament remind her of a Jerusalem cross that a friend of hers, a Harvard professor, brought for her from one of his trips to Israel.

A show about Sylvia Brown, a well-known psychic, that she recently watched allowed her to interpret the combination of gold (color of the Mother of God), purple (color of Christ), and green (color of healing). Her knowledge of art history of the Far East made her suspect a connection to India, Tibet, and China.

She wondered whether the pattern suggested a view from space, or something unseen within the Earth’s core. The underlined center and knowing that the quilt is used while sitting was also suggestive of the charging of the chakras, especially the lowest one in this particular case.

When the international telephone call finally came, she was shocked by what she heard. Before starting making the quilt, the master performed ablutions and prayed, as in the good old days, and, as she said later, the colors and the design were “given” to her.

All she needed to do was to follow the given instructions to reflect the spiritual energy and power of the woman she’s never known and has never seen. Unknown forces from above guided her hands, choosing and creating the pattern.

The new owner of the quilt certainly felt that the master who made it was a highly spiritual person, but even so, this was almost too much. She then noticed that the colors of the quilt matched the palette of her own portrait, painted half a century ago by an artist from Central Asia. To her that meant that he, too, read her aura, probably subconsciously.

Taking a closer look at the quilt, armed by her knowledge of the quilt as a portrait of herself, she noticed a stunning detail: the ornament symbolically represented her body, including arms placed on both sides – the right “hand” was missing a finger.

Twenty seven years ago she lost a finger at the jewelry workshop in a stupid accident, because of her own carelessness. Across the oceans, an unknown artist perceived the information and reflected it in her design.

She knew she was about to discover a lot more by reading the colors and patterns of the quilt, but for now her living room was brighter, cozier and more attractive thanks to the new quilt. It contained not only her own portrait, but also the affection and respect of the artist who made it, her labor and her energy, kind and beautiful.

Thank you, dear Rahia!


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