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C4D Resize Rigged Characters

Updated on September 8, 2017
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Learning Maxon's Cinema 4D modeling and animation software can be hard so I'll try to help with resources I find useful myself.

Create your own CGI

Maxon Cinema 4D User Interface
Maxon Cinema 4D User Interface

How to Resize A Rigged Model

The below video tutorial rambles and waffles on quite a bit but, at around the six to seven minute mark, he actually starts to get into the How To steps so bear with it. I'll look for a better video tutorial and post it here when I find one. This video tip was a god send to me so I hope it helps you too. I refer to this video quite often as I have a vast library of models and a significant portion of them are not in the same scale and need to be re-sized in order to work together in the same scenes.

If you know of a better way of doing this or an additional tip or a better video tutorial, leave it in the comments below and I'll post it into this article.

Video Tutorial How to resize Rigged Characters

Best Practice

Size all of your models consistently, right from the start.

Learn Cinema 4D at Home

Cinema 4D Beginner's Guide
Cinema 4D Beginner's Guide

Creating CGI models and animated sequences sounds much more difficult than it really is. Learning the basics won't take you very long. Like everything else, the more you practice, the better you will get and the more sophisticated and professional your models will be.


Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Made with Cinema 4D
Made with Cinema 4D

Work Smart

One of the best lessons I learned from working in Cinema 4D was to build everything to real scale. When I first started out I just happily built models of anything I wanted without even thinking about what scale I was creating them in. I figured I could just re-size them if and when I needed to put several models in the same scene. But boy what a pain in the butt that turns out to be. It's an awful lot of time consuming work and there's no need to do it if you work smart to begin with.

A very experienced CGI modeler taught me to build everything in real world size because it takes a lot of the guesswork out of it. Why guess how big you should build the table when you can just look up the average dimensions of a table?

This was an extremely valuable lesson that really came home to me when I was building a city for series of film noir images I was creating. I took heed of what I was told and crated the buildings to the real world size. Since I started with the Chrysler building it was pretty easy to find the dimensions and I was off to the races.

Not only did using a universal scale for all of my models save me work and time but it easy made my life much easier because I was easily able to quickly mix and match my library of models into various scenes. No more resizing because everything I built was already spaced exactly the same.

A Helpful User Base

There are hundreds and probably thousands of tips that you can learn to improve the way you use Cinema 4D so don't expect to become the world's leading expert overnight. There are volumes of How To books and countless videos that will be a huge help to you so don't even hesitate if you want to learn, just jump right in. The user base is incredibly friendly and welcoming to new comers so getting assistance with a problem or even an honest opinion about your work will never be a problem. If you need to know something, simply go to one of the forums and ask. You'll get an answer very quickly.

There are entire websites where modelers share their work so you can download and study other people's models. Just being able to see the way someone else built something is incredibly helpful, even of you have been modeling with Cinema 4D for a while. Need a model of something? Just ask. You might be surprised at how willing other users are to give you something that they have already made for a project of their own.

Cinema 4D Models

Photo Real C4D Models
Photo Real C4D Models

Did this help you with Cinema 4D

Did this article help you with your C4D work?

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Make Money With Cinema 4D

You don't have to be an established modeler or animator to make money from C4D. You can build models and sell them via established web-market sites like TurboSquid and several others. Remember, the more you practice the more skilled you will become and the better your models will be. The better your models, the more likely they will be to sell.

Don't be intimidated. It's not as though you need to do everything all on your own. Not only will you get lots of help from the community of friendly users but there are also lots of free resources out there that will give you things to help you build better models. You will find sites where you can get free textures to color and tone your creations, for example. You will really be pleasantly surprised at how much easier it is to get started than you probably think.

© 2017 Dale Anderson


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      12 months ago

      Love Maxon Cinema 4D. Such a friendly and helpful community of creators that are always eager to help with any project you are working on. Complex software but fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it all.


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