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Contemporary Dutch Painter Johannes Van Vugt

Updated on April 23, 2014



Memories from times long past often emerge when one looks at a photograph. In the last 25 years contemporary painters have returned to the use of photographs as a source of inspiration for their painting. Johannes Van Vugt is a Dutch contemporary painter who used a figurative expressionist style and lately has chosen to make series of paintings which as it were describe processes in the past.

Memories in his own past are used, photographs become an inspiration for his paintings to accomplish this. With his painting it seems Johannes Van Vugt intends to get a grip on the changes of the past.

In these paintings the onlooker can recognize and identify with emotions of sorrow, saying farewell, and pain caused by war and death. The paintings also express delight and joy, and in addition one senses desire, which emerges after time has healed the wounds.

Johannes Van Vugt has his own archive of painted pictures that look like postcards from the past: they are small and form series. This cinematographic character one finds back with the contemporary artists from the New European Painting movement. These painters use photographs of their personal world. Johannes Van Vugt has joined this current movement with his paintings. The paintings are not only records of his personal life. They also form a collective memory. Johannes Van Vugt portrays personal and universal history in his paintings. It has similarities with a movie storyboard or a script timeline. Lately New European painters are focussed on cinematographic archives that deal with memory, light and beauty, trauma. Like Ingmar Bergman's loneliness uses a specific color scheme also Johannes Van Vugt's work is painted in plain color or black and white. For more information go to:Johannes van Vugt here.


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