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Dreams Can Come True

Updated on September 29, 2012
Original Press Flower Design-Laura L. Weeks Copyright
Original Press Flower Design-Laura L. Weeks Copyright | Source

Dreams Can Come True

I’m glad for this opportunity to express my belief that is, Dreams Can Come True. To my recollection it was June 1982. I went downtown Brooklyn NY to an art supply store named WC to purchase art supplies I noticed on display by the cash register a unique greeting card and bookmark. I said to myself, "What are these?" As I looked them over I realized they were flowers laying flat on white Bristol board. I liked how they looked; I found them intriguing so I purchased two designs. They cost about a dollar fifty each. One was a bookmark sealed in plastic and the other was a greeting card. In addition, I recall being able to touch and feel the naturalness of the flower petals on the greeting card.

My Pressed Flower Interest Faded For Awhile

I have seen flowers pressed between books for sentimental reasons, however I had never thought of a flower pressed between a book as having design possibilities nor the potential for making a steady income in the press flower field. Well, I brought the two flower designs home and showed them to my family. They said the flower designs were unique and different. My family also asked me, "What are you going to do with the flower designs?" I said to them, "I do not know." I looked at the pressed flowers for a few days and then I put them in a box between my papers.

My Determination Pays Off

Several years past and one day in the winter of 1989 I was going through my papers as I usually did from time to time and I noticed the pressed flowers had not faded. They looked as natural and unique as the day I purchased them. From that time on, I became particularly interested. In knowing why the flowers looked so natural. l was determined to learn everything I could about pressing flowers and how I could create my own designs from them. At that time, I did not know pressing flowers was an art medium like gouache, ceramics, acrylic, water color, oil painting, or photography. As I read I discovered pressing flowers is a form of art.

My determination peaked, my interest boiled and my enthusiasm was bubbled. I asked myself, "Where do I go from here?" I have it! I will use the library to research the materials of interest. The library books I began to read enabled me to find out what pressed flowers are and then develop a technique which later allowed me to share with others the flower pressing art and how to create a design from pressed flowers. I remember a day in 1989; my father had taken me to the library. When I came out of the library with about twenty books piled up in my arms, he looked at me and said, "You don't need all those books..., it don't take all of that." I laughed and said I am inspired and I believe I am doing what I need to do, to accomplish whatever I want. I was not quite sure what it was at that time.

In spite of what my father said, I continued researching, pressing flowers, designing, printing, creating decal for cups, framing my press flower pictures and stenciling sayings and poetry on my press flower designs such as, Mother’s Day statements.

One day in the spring of 1992. I went to Jerry's Art-A-Rama in Bellerose L.I. to make color copies of my pressed flower designs and a cashier employee saw my pressed flower designs and she said to me, “This store gives arts and crafts demonstrations on Saturday and would I like to participate." She also said, "You will make 25 dollars an hour for three hours." I said to her, "It sounds great."

Always Be Prepared (Opportunities Come Suddenly)

I went home gathered all of my designs that I worked on for so many years and like a professional I gave my first demonstration. The feeling of enthusiasm was like a different world. My feet felt like they were off the ground. When the demonstration ended I realized I had experienced a piece of heaven. From that day on I realize I could experience a form of heaven on earth. To me, that day was a Dreams Can Come True, moment. Finally, I was able to share something I had created with others. That was the day my dreams came alive. I also realized I could make money doing what I love enjoyed and felt fulfilled doing.

Dont be Afraid to Pursue Your Dreams

Did you know there is a misconception concerning pressed flowers? There are people reluctant to pursue this field. The main reason, mainly because the press flower medium is not as known or explored for its possibilities. As that of oil painting, quilting, sculpture, ceramics medium are. When I teach my class, what I enjoy most is dispelling all misunderstanding of the process of drying, pressing and designing with pressed flower materials.

The students who attend my classes and workshops find them fascinating, inspirational and fulfilling. Some of my students came to me through the years saying, “Laura your classes are therapeutic." Some of my students revealed the purpose for taking my class was ordered by their doctor.

My dream coming true has enabled me to be a positive influence in peoples’ lives. My knowledge and experience has given me the opportunity to share my talents and abilities with others and help harness their potential and possibilities.

The next couple of days I pulled my resume together. Updated my press flower design portfolio, and I was on my way. Since then I’ve given press flower demonstrations, seminars at local arts and craft stores, senior citizen community centers, libraries and schools. For that I am Thankful.

I hope I have encouraged other fellow flower and craft lovers to pursue their hearts desire.

Scanograph by Laura L. Weeks 12-16-2003 Copyright
Scanograph by Laura L. Weeks 12-16-2003 Copyright


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