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Can You Make Your Own Wood Pellets?

Updated on August 10, 2010

Can You Make Your Own Wood Pellets?

 By now most people are aware of the advantages wood pellets have to offer.  They are more cost-effective than fossil fuels for one thing, so you can keep more of your money in your pocket.  This fuel is also less polluting so it is not as toxic to the environment.  You can find wood pellets all over the place, at chain hardware stores and specialty stores, but if you want to save yourself even more money you can make your wood pellets right at home.

 Anyone can make their own wood pellets as long as they have the machinery and supplies.  The first step is to get a wood pellet making machine.  Some people create their own machines but considering the force the blade must have to work and how powerful the machine needs to be, this is usually not such a great idea.  There are very few if any actually productive homemade pellet making machines in action yet.

 Now you need to focus on getting all of the supplies you are going to use to make the pellets.  Although the best choices would be softwood and hardwood, these are not your only options.  Many people prefer to recycle as much as they can and do so by using waste wood to make their wood pellets.  Even sawdust can make wood pellets as long as you have the right binding material.

 You can use straight wood or create a medley of different supplies it is up to you.  If the supplies you are using are too large to fit in the machine properly you will have to size them down.  Instead, you want to use a chipper or hammer saw to reduce the size of the materials to use.  You may have to reduce the size of your material so it will fit in the machine.

 Many beginners neglect this step but it is of extreme importance that you do not.  Without the right moisture content the wood will either end up chipping or mold together into more of a paste.  Fifteen percent is the ideal moisture content for wood to be made into pellets.  In no time at all you will be making your own wood pellets and reaping all the benefits that wood pellet fuel has to offer.


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