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Candle Crafts to Make for Halloween

Updated on November 20, 2011

Craft Tutorials for Halloween Candle Displays

Halloween is a holiday that most crafters love because it offers an opportunity to create so many unique, quirky things.  Candles and candle holders are a great way to add a festive touch to your decor for the holidays, and Halloween is no excpetion.  These craft tutorials will show you how to make your own creepy candle projects.

Recycled Lamp Skull Candlesticks

Would you believe that these skull candlesticks are made using recycled parts from thrift store lamps? By disassembling the lamps and drilling holes in a few plastic skulls (obtained at the dollar store), this tutorial shows how to make your own pair of skull candlesticks. Comparable retail items would cost $20 or more - make your own crafty variety for half the cost or less!  They would look great on a mantle, as a centerpiece, or anywhere you need a touch of sophisticated spookiness.

Recycled Lamp Skull Candlesticks Craft Tutorial

Spooky Candelabra

Using the same type of lamp parts plus a few other odds and ends, you can also create a spooky candelabra to add to your Halloween decor. This project was inspired by a similar item seen at a Home Goods store, which was fairly expensive (almost $70) and wasn't even functional! This one not only works as a fancy candle holder, it also cost about $25 to put together.  The project tutorial includes detailed photos and a breakdown of what you will need to make your own spooky candelabra.

Spooky Candelabra Craft Tutorial

Macabre Skull Drippy Candles

Using items from the dollar store, these unique skull candle decorations rest on glass pedestals.  They are very cheap to make, quick to throw together, and sure to be eye-catching.  The examples shown use glitter-covered skulls, but if you prefer less "bling" you could also use plain skulls to create the same effect.

Macabre Skull Drippy Candles Craft Tutorial

Drippy Blood Candle Holders

Feeling vampiric?  Then check out these candle holders with a drippy blood faux finish.  The tutorial shows how to use a simple technique to create the "blood" drips using paint on different surfaces to make your own creepy candle holders. From votive holders to large hurricanes, you can customize candle holders of many shapes, sizes, and materials. Perfect for a vampire-themed Halloween party!

Drippy Blood Candle Holder Craft Tutorial

Spooky Halloween Candle Holder

This highly versatile idea uses two candle holders (or, in this case, glass vases) to create one. The candle holders nest inside of each other, creating a space for displaying skulls or other small decorations. (Eyeballs, spiders, anything!)

You can also adapt this clever idea for other holidays or events easily by changing the decorations inside.  Use small ornaments for Christmas, hearts for Valentine's Day, pacifiers for a baby shower, flowers for spring....  You get the idea!

Spooky Halloween Candle Holder Craft Tutorial


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    • profile image

      Cathy 6 years ago

      Hi there,

      Love these candles and will definitely give them a try for this year's Halloween.

      Also, the cat in the chandlier picture, did you make him and if so could you give the URL.

      Many thanks,


    • Starfishfelix profile image

      Starfishfelix 7 years ago from California, United States

      Very nice hub! I want to try some of those projects, but not sure I'll able to get to them this year. Skimmed a bit on the blogs, very nice too - will check them out in more detail later.